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So fed up - my body doesnt want to work

Hello to you all. I am so glad I have found this place.:wavey:
I stared to lets call eat “eat healthy just before Christmas. I was losing slowly at ½ - 1lbs a week. I lost 15lbs. This was doing slimming world. Then I became very poorly with gallstones and had to have an emergency op(what he calls emergency) to remove my gallbladder:sigh:. This was 12 weeks ago. I got straight back onto the road of SW but it stopped working and I have started to gain. In total I have gained 6lbs and am struggling.

So I change to WW last week. Thinking this is stricter and to help me on my way I can have the ready meals to start with and that will really help me with my points – no guess work. Well I have excised this week, put my heart and soul into eating healthy and I “think” I have gained. My weigh in is tomorrow.

Why is my body rejecting me? My surgeon did say I was in pre operative mode and it would take my body some time to settle and to keep battling it and I will win. I just want to see a little progress on the way. I have 12 weeks until a very special break and don’t want to shy away from the photos. I want to smile and feel so proud. I have 21lbs to lose and will be more than happy with 14lbs by the time I go away.

Why am I failing at each hurdle? I must add I have messed around with liquid diets for many years. Also not eating properly at all. Now I am putting good fuel in my body. I thought it would really work!
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First of all wait until your weigh in tomorrow. You don't know yet whether you have lost or gained. If you've stuck to your points you should have lost, although even the best of us have weeks were we stay the same.

It's possible that you put on weight because your body was taking all the fat, nutrients etc out of your food in order to help repair your body faster.

See what tomorrow brings at your weigh in but remember to persist even if you have gained or stayed the same but please don't go back to liquid diets and not eating properly. I did them and I know from experience that the weight just piles back on afterwards (In my case it was 7 stone).

Best of luck at your weigh in tomorrow.
Thank you so much Katie. I will keep on fighting. i just need to know its working. Actually I counted wrong, Its 10 weeks till my new your trip, I just have to make this work.
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Hiya Jovi ((hugs))

I am confused why it doesnt work sometimes and how we go up and down daily weight wise.

Ok a few things to think about.

Weigh once a week same time same place (Im a scales addict so :eek:)

Weigh and measure everything you have to

Drink 2 litres of water a day

Eat low GI Foods they really do keep you full and help you lose weight

Dont eat too many processed ready meals

Exercise 30 minutes at least 5 times a week

Write every single little thing that goes in your mouth thats from a pea to a spoon of sugar,a glass of coke to a cup of tea EVERYTHING

AP try not to use activity points for the first couple of weeks,use the exercise as a way speeding up weightloss

Be honest is that measurement right,are you picking at food,do you have a sneaky biscuit?

TOTM some people suffer fluid retention upto 2 weeks before,drink more it flushes it out

Fast start did you try that?

Always wait til weighin before you think you havent lost x amount then go through your week if you havent?

Its a science and if we do it spot on it should work?
I usually lose slow but started eating very low GI foods and drinking decaff green tea xx


Likes to eat
Hello hun!

Don't worry too much, sometimes it's better to look at losses over a 2-3 week period rather than from week to week. I know I sometimes lose nothing, and then lose, and then nothing again, and then lose again, but looking at it over a month, I usually lose as much as people who lose every week. Stay positive hun! xoxo


plodding away
I cant really add anything to what has already been said except to say keep sticking to plan and you will start to lose again. Your body has needed time ro recover, be gentle with yourself and you will see the benefits.

Good luck for the weigh in tomorrow
Ladies, thank you so much for your help.

I have weigh in this afternoon, so fingers crossed.

I have been sticking to the WW meals for the time being so I know how strict I can be. Of course with lots of steamed veg with it. (for dinner)

I have done three 40 min bike rides in 7 days and even scrubbed my living room/dining room and kitchen floor on my hands and needs to give me some more exercise. :giggle:

Thanks for all your encouragement.


Peggy McParrot
i started dieting last january on camb diet, then got gallstones so switched to ww last april, carried on losing weight till my op in late august, from then till january i lost nothing just yo yo'd up and down for 5 months. so don't be down hearted, i have now lost over a stone and half since january and am now at goal but still want to get to my taget weight which i set in my head 15 months ago......so stick with it. it will work. i have now lost 65lbs and only 10 to go.
Thank you Biltsy.

Well this is my tracker from this week. I think I should probably put add a bit more yogurt points, I only really have this to mix in my cerial.

Wed 7th April

Actimel lite 0.5
Low fat natural yogurt (2 x tbl spoons) 1
All bran (30g) 1.5
Skinny latte 1

2 x egg omelette 3
Ham 1
Onions/peppers 0

Melba toast 3
Houmous 2
Bread roll 2

Banana 1
Tangerine x2 0.5
½ fat marg 0.5

(I know I didn’t have a proper dinner this night)

8th April Thursday

Actimel lite 0.5
Low fat natural yogurt (2 x tbl spoons) 1
All bran (30g) 1.5
Skinny latte 1

Potatoe 1
Turkey 1
Cucumber and tomatoes 0
Sweet chilli sauce 0.5

Light choices tomatoe
And mozzarella pasta bake 6.5
WW garlic bread 3.5

Snack a jack 1.5
Banana 1
Tangerine 0.5
Apple 0.5
40 min bike ride

Friday 9th April

Actimel lite 0.5
Low fat natural yogurt (2 x tbl spoons) 1
All bran (30g) 1.5
Skinny latte 1

2 x brown bread 2
Tuna 1
Low fat mayo 2

Count on us meal 6
WW garlic bread 3.5

Banana 1
2 x apples 1

Saturday 10th

Actimel lite 0.5
Low fat natural yogurt (2 x tbl spoons) 1
All bran (30g) 1.5

Snack a Jack 1.5

WW Ocean Pie 3.5
Steamed Veg 0
2 x WW bread 1

Banana 1
Wine (small) 2
2 x J2O drinks 4
Snack a jack 1.5
40 min bike ride / hands and knees to
Clean floors (thought more exersice)

Sunday 11th April

2 x ww bread and marmite 1

2 x ww bread and marmite 1

WW lasagne 4.5
Steamed veg 0
WW garlic bread 3.5

Apple 0.5
Orange 0.5
Small red wine 2

Monday 12th April

Actimel lite 0.5
Low fat natural yogurt (2 x tbl spoons) 1
All bran (30g) 1.5
Skinny latte 1

2 x egg omelette 3
Ham 1
Onions/peppers 0

Quorn pieces 2.5
Stir fry veg 0
Soya Sauce 0

Banana 1
Apple 0.5
Small red wine 2
40 Min bike ride.

*Also need to add that during the day I drink between 2 – 2.5 litres of sparkling water. Also just started to build up my exercise again*
Thanks Lindsay. So my tracker didnt look to bad to you? Still waiting for my leader to get back to me. Friends say, to much carbs, to much milk?? I only have that medium latte a day and thats not 1/2 a pint.
Maintained. My 1st week and nothing:cry:
At least you didn't gain. Just out of curiosity how many points are you on a day because you do have some very low point days and that could be the issue. If you're body isn't getting enough fuel than it will cling onto the energy it is getting, hence no (or very little) weight loss.
your tracker looks fine hun plenty of fruit and veg etc as long as your within your points each day you will be fine but its just trial and error really xx

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