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So fed up :(

I started CD 2 weeks ago and although I found the 1st week hard I got through and lost 11lbs.
This last week has been awful, I have eaten 3 times, really bad things. I saw my mum and told her I was on this diet as she wanted to know why I wasn't eating her home made cakes, to be given lectures about how bad diets like these are, I started to explain they are not but gave up in the end when my sister started to join in aswell.
My husband has now said he doesn't want me to start it again, he would rather I went to WW so I could at least eat.
I know he is only trying to help but it doesn't help me. To be fare he does have to put up with me moaning that although I'm not hungry I want to eat something.
I am going to start again tomorrow but now feel that I will have to do it in secret, not from my hubby of course, that would be too hard!
Sorry, had to tell someone that would understand. X
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I found the same when I tried SS - what about SS+? Then you could have something to eat when your with them and they'll ease off.
Have decided that I will do ss+ 3 or 4 times a week as my CDC said I can chop and change between the 2 without any problems and will see if that helps. At least they will think I am eating!
You would think at 36 years old I would be allowed to do what I want! lol


I got the same from my mum - I see her every week and she's STILL offering me extras (with my chicken and veg) "a piece of fruit won't hurt"....."can you not even have a bit of potato?" etc. So, you mightn't stop their comments, but they should ease off a bit. Keep strong.


hates diets
people are only concerned chick..problem is they probably saw you tired etc on first few days and if they only ever see you drinking a shake 3 times aday they probably think you are over doing it.....try ss+ i have chopped and changed, its great having a meal in the evening....and make everyone else around ou a little happier.....its only coz they care!!!!


please try again
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i do ss+ when i need to aswell, stops me from going mad for other stuff


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good luck hun, i'm sure they'll ease off.

fantastic 11lb - well done - no wonder you wanna carry on!!! x


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My mum is the same , she says your not doing taht diet again , I just say its on hold then she is speechless lol
Thanks for all your support guys, I actually feel so much better this week. I have had chicken and salad twice and that has really helped, never thought I would enjoy plain chicken and salad leaves so much, but they are bloody lovely!! lol

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