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so Freakin Angry

HI all just need a little rant, my normal weigh in lady has not been in for the last 2 weeks and I had another lady step in to weigh me, well last week she miscalculated the KG to LBs and told me I had lost 4lbs, which by the way was 'alright' and then proceeded to quiz me on cheating or having milk. This week I had my normal lady, she is lovely so encouraging, she weighed me only to explain that last wk Dimwit had misweighed me and last week I had lost 2lb and this week another 2lb.:eek:

I know I have still lost and I am happy with that but on this diet you really need something to spur you on and this was not very helpful.:mad:

I also know that I have been struggling this week with getting 2lts down each day as we having been moving all our 3 bedrooms around. :eek:

So onwards and upwards I am now making sure I am drinking min 4lts and excercising 3 times a week.;)

The one interesting thing that has come out of this is instead of being defeated it has somehow spurred me on.:p

Thanks for listening all:)

Have a great week.:eek:
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Size 14 here i come!
Well done on the attitude! I would def say stick to min of 4lts, especially if you are exercising.
I know 2lbs doesn't sound much but it is such a big loss and like you say it is A LOSS. Think how you would feel if you put 2lb on? 2lb would seem like loads then.
Keep it up and you will be at goal before you know it!


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I can remember from my time on LT last year that I struggled to drink the correct amount of water, I still had losses of 3 and 4lbs, which I assumed was good and I was happy with that.

But having done it again this time I made sure I drank about 3 to 4 litres of water a day and that must be why I was losing 5lbs a week this time round, so it shows that the water is sooooooo important!
yes water is mega important but remember coffee and tea also can count towards water intake to so have a nice black coffee one or twice a day to mix things up. i have to say i wouldnt even try the coffee first but now i really do love it firstly its warm and im cold and secondly its not water AGAIN!! GO girl wat ever about the weight lose ur a stronger more in control person now so HOW BAD AY :D
thnaks so much girls x look out water here I come :}
well done on the possitive atitude and although 2lb's doesnt sound alot when you think about it. It's still roughly the equivilant of a bag of sugar which is actually alot. thats 1 bag of sugar you'll never have to see again :)

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