So frustrating cant afford to do cambridge diet, how to make hubby help me?

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by karenh, 4 May 2007 Social URL.

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  1. karenh

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    Im so fed up, I did CD for a few weeks a few years ago when i was single and lost nearly 2 stone. But i have gained so much now and weight nearly 16 stone.

    im fed up and my hubby cant understand why i want to do the diet and says we cant afford it, and my mother has joined him in saying its a waste of time:mad: they say i wil never stick to it and eat up depressed and skint!

    ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Sorry im new and needed to get this of my chest! Thanks guys x
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  3. Bluepaws

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    Cambridge diet
    You could try explaining that you'd probably save money in the long run as you won't be forking out for meals out, or takeaways etc. That's what I told my other half.

    I'd be going out and getting a mc.d's and spend over £5 (for example) at a time for one meal. On cambridge, it's just £1.55 a 'meal'.

    Hope you can sort something soon x
  4. notsotrim

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    Well you know what? I find I am SAVING money so far on diet!!

    Weekly food shop was around £25 before in Tesco (for tea times and snacks), add to that the one meal a week I had out £20 ish, add to that my lunches from Sainsburys or sandwich shop during working week (£3.50 per day), add to that the wine at weekend + night out £50 probably.
    Add to that a weekly random £10 for any stuff I bought in shops such as crisps and sweets or coke or stuff. (and this is all just a conservative guess - sometimes I had takeaway and sometimes lunch in a pub at weekend too!) Actually I normally did have a lunch in a pub once a week = £15 (including a drink of wine!!!)


    25 + 20 + (3.50 * 5) + 50 + 10 + 15 = £137.5 per week previous spend

    CD = 33.50

    Saving 137.5 - 33.5 = £104 per week!!

    Now you probably don't spend as much as me, but when you count up all the silly little things then it does add up!!!


  5. Cherry Plum

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    lighter life
    Explain to him how much money you won't be spending on the shopping, because I actually spend a lot less now I'm on a VLCD, also in the long run it will save you money because you will do this diet quicker than WW or SW. Have you looked into the one at the chemist? not sure how much that is.
  6. LEJ

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    I am also saving money while on Cambridge, we would have take away twice a week that alone saves us £30, there is my money for Cambridge, my weekly family shop has also reduced, not so much bread or milk or crisps, cakes, cheese etc so bills are about £25 less, so i am now saving £55 a week just on those few items alone, and i expect if i looked i would find more savings.
  7. Debz

    Debz Cambridge Counsellor

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    It's all very true. You actually save money on the VLCD. How many sandwiches on the market are £1.55 and give you one third or one quarter of your nutritional daily requirement?

    And make sure they realise that you intend to do the maintenance and won't have to do the diet again. It's not a waste of time or money. You'll be healthier for it.
  8. kay2007

    kay2007 Full Member

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    i agree with the rest im also saving hope u sort sumit out!
  9. chaadan

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    it seems alot at first but you will save as you wont be buying those snacks etc and if you do other diets they cost you a fortune in fruit and veg which is not cheap my daughter loves blueberries now i think i,ll get her them because they are very good for you they cost around 2.50 per small punnet,now you can get 36 packs of crisps for 1.99 at the mo at my local supermarket and the government are trying to make us eat healthy where is the sense in that,sorry for ranting but i do save money on cd and by the way did not buy the crisps for my kids as i dont want them ending up looking like me.
  10. Joeyroo

    Joeyroo Full Member

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    No one thought i could do this diet either but i showed them :D

    Sorry to hear of your predicament :( maybe if you start the diet anyway and proove to them that it isnt a waste of time, and show them that it costs less than your actual weekly shop of food and drink maybe they will start to be more supportive towards you?

    If you give in this soon, they have won.......dont let them :D
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