So Grumpy


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I am like Mrs. Grumpy from Grumpy Town, Grumpyville, Grumpyton lately.
We went round to a friends last night and I was so grumpy as they ordered pizza and I so wanted it I was practically dribbling.
I didnt eat anything though and was a good girl. Thought it might make me feel good to resist did it heck I just feel crappy.
I went to bed with a headache woke up with the same headache and am in one of those moods where I hate everyone and everything sorry for sharing.
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I want to be slim !!
I know how you are feeling..
I had a cr*p day yesterday, my hubby and daughter sat and eat KFC in front of me !!

If i were you id go back to bed have another hours sleep, then get up and have a lovely bath.
maybe go for a walk.

I really hope you feel better soon.



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Oh yes - I was a right humpty-backed, bad-tempered bramble last night when my family had a Chinese in front of me.



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grumpy is good. Its better out than in, I know people say the same about farts but anger (or grumpiness) turned inwards = depression. Be grumpy!