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So here I am again !

After failing miserably earlier this year due to Fibro crisis and starting new meds that have made me put on weight, I have started again.

This time I am more than determined, to get it all off and get into RTM, I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired and fat !!

I'm fast approaching 50, and everyday I am so tired, my joints hurt (I know part of it is the fibro), but I also know that if I loose weight it will help !!

I know I got a lot of encouragement and support before and am hoping to get the same again from some old and new faces !!

Please help and support me to do this
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Happy in my own skin
WB Karma, believe in yourself and this time it will come together....good luck.
Hey KW - welcome back - great to see you!!! :)

Go for it - you know you want to!! :D

We will all be here cheering you on!!

Sorry aboutyour FIbro troubles - are you speaking about Fibromyalgia? If so, I am right there with you. Been a rough patch for me recently as well - everything hurts. Its horrible, innit. :(

Now is the time to start felling better, ay!! :)

Welcome back and good luck on your journey!

Kat xx
hi there
welcome back. good luck with restarting
daisy x
BL hun, you look amazing and I can't believe it's been over a year since you maintained !! Well done !!

Yes, I was talking about Fibromyalgia !

Thanks hon. It's really good to have you back, but sorry you had such a hard time.

Do you find your Fibro is affected by weather? Or stress? I have been having a very rough time the past few weeks and wondering why. Today I have such a pain in my chest even breathing hurts. Do you ever find that? I don't understand all of it yet - its a new-ish thing I have been diagnoesd with. Its not pleasant. :( I hope you are feeling better now anyway?

Hi again ! Can't say I've had chest pain, mine is more fatigue and pain around joints. Earlier this year I really suffered - I made a stoopid decision when we were on our big trip to NZ and Singapore. Because I was feeling so good I came off all my meds cos I was sure this fibro thing was 'all in the head' (as well as the menopause!), to cut a long story short, the hot flushes were horrendous so I went back on HRT. The the pain and the lack of sleep were so bad I was having to take time off work, just couldn't get out of bed. Thanks to a fantastic GP, she put me on a drug called pregablin, and since then I've been great. Unfortunately the pregablin can increase your appetite, so I've been eating for England !! Hopefully now all is settled, I can concentrate on weight loss.

BTW, are you still doing your jewellery?
Hi KW.

When I say my chest hurts, its where the muscles attach to my shoulderblades and ribs in the chest area. Every breath hurts. :( Joints hurt most of the time too - had always assumed that was purely down to my weight. What dissappointment to dump the weight and still have the pain. lol

Every day, something hurts, and I don;t sleep well at all. Sucks!!! Is that medication for FM or Meno?? Is it a pain reliever? I take Solpidol on average days, tramadol on bad days. But thats no way to live....so just endure most of the time. But those were given for my osteo...never anything for FM, so just wondering if something exists for that!

No good this chronic pain *****!

God, I sound like a right moaner!! lol

Yes, I am still doing jewelery, and i haven;t forgotten you once wanted a necklace to go with the earrings. Let me know if you need anything! :)


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