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So honestly then, have you ever cheated on LL?


Yes i have - conclusion.....really not worth it. It does affect weight loss and can even result in weight gain! BUT....main thing is it doesn't make you feel any better in fact quite the opposite and makes it soooo much harder because you really do find it "easier" to cheat again & again & again! Had i not ever cheated i would probably be at least 2 stone lighter now. This diet can be hard at times so it's surely is better to get it over quicker!
Yes, I have lapsed and it is definitely not worth it, particularly further down the line. You think it won't hurt but it does; it definitely slows weight loss down too.

My advice? Don't even think about it. The more you deviate, the longer it takes and why prolong the agony?!


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Hear, hear! Absolutely agree with Pokerstar. I didn't cheat until week 12 and yes I then "got away with it" a few times, however those times have now become more and more frequent. I so wish that I hadnt given in as I would be at least a stone lighter than I am if I hadn't done so. The biggest problem is what "a little" does to your head rather than what a mouthful does to the scales. If you can avoid going there do. Try not to bend the rules at all, it really is the slippery slope. Maybe some people manage to come "off" for a special occasion and back on with no problem, unfortunately I am not one of them!
Unfortunately it is much harder once you start adding in extras which is why I always plead with people to stick to it on the first golden time.

You can still get to goal weight but the journey is tougher.

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Last year I did 100% for 6 months - no cheating at all. Wasn't easy but I did it.

The trouble started when I moved house and added a little food here and there. It was the beginning of a slippery slope. Wish I'd never done it. If I can give you one piece of advise it would be to stick to it 100% and then follow management 100% too.

Good luck x
Well it's only been 6 days but I was saying to hubby earlier that this is the only 'diet' I've ever done where I haven't fallen at some point in the first week - usually ended up binging at w/end and then starving to make up.

6 days of total abstinence 94 to go (MIN!) It will be hard but the way I look at it - I've taken this step for serious medical reasons and also made quite a large financial commitment. It'd be daft to 'cheat'!

1st weigh in tomorrow - feeling optimistic. My trousers are already looser and I fit into a pair of jeans this morning that I soooo couldn't get into last week!!!

not cheated so far (week 12) and really really hope i can keep away from food. I know that if i do cheat it will be so hard or impossible to get back into it again



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I did 100% for 6 months and then had a strange night at around about my 6 months anniversary - got straight back on with it until I had an operation 6 weeks later and then I ate off plan (had intended to stick to it, but hadn't factored in the fact that I would be out of my face on morphone and painkillers for three days) got straight back on with it again but have found management much more difficult to do by the book. I lost 8 stone in 7 months.

I didn't cook the packs ever - I'm quite adamant about this - I think putting them anywhere near a microwave or leaving them mixed with water for more than 15 minutes renders them pointless.
I agree with all here.
I got through the majority of foundation before the first slip (being a piece of cooked chicken) this rapidly escalated to the point where I was adding in tiny tidbits of low carb food every day. My weightlosses plummitted and that wonderful "first time" motivation evaporated.
I can honestly say from that day that I made the diet 10 times harder for myself.
Also there was one week where I had eaten quite a lot of "extras" (although I have never had what could be considered a "meal") and I lost 5.9lb - that REALLY messed with my head as I then thought I could "get away with it" - it took weeks to get back to abstinence 100%.
Like everyone else has said - Don't cheat, not even a crumb and the path is relatively easy.
On the flip side - I have learnt a lot along the way as a result of lapses - that I CAN get back on track even if it is hard and I am proud of myself for never taking a lapse as an excuse to give up.



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Phew thats a relief!

I am afraid I have almost always eaten rubbish when broken abstinence, and its almost always carbs, carbs, carbs. Its never planned so I don't usually have a cooked chicken and salad handy and just have to pick at the bits that are in the house. My first time was a left over roast pototo and left over spoonful of nutella that was in the jar waiting to be washed. My last time went on for so long it would be easier to tell you what I didn't eat! My biggest problem at the moment is coffee - I hate it black and have such a craving I could drink gallons in a day whereas previously would have less than one a day.


Taking it Day by Day
It's definitely harder once some food has crossed your mouth for whatever reason. I managed the first 100 days without any real hickups. Funnily, what messed with my brain was milk week. Even though I didn't follow it to the letter I just can't rid myself of my milky coffees since then. And while I think that weightwise a bit of milk will not do that much damage it's more the phsychological impact that causes a problem because it's only a short step from "a bit of milk" to a bit of cheese (which practically is milk anyway...crooked thinking alert!!!), which has happened to me on a few occasions. So the longer you can resist any urge to eat(ideally not until management...(which can be quite hard especially if you're on the programme for a lot longer than 100 days) the faster the weight will come off.

While I don't kick myself for eating while away on holidays (as someone said hickups can be a good learning experience and has given me confidene for coping with food after LL) part of me wishes that I stayed abstinent as not only I would be lighter now but i think I would find staying on track a lot easier as that line of eating something just wouldn't have been crossed. After eating it becomes very much a day by day battle (which I am confident to win)

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