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So hungry after work-out??!!


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Why is it that i'm really starving after i workout? I drink lots and lots of water before during and after so it's not that i'm actually thirsty and mistaking it for hunger. It's getting a tad frustrating now as i feel i'm undoing my hard work by having food after, and other the other hand i refuse to deny myself something as thats the point in the past where i throw in the towel and say to hell with it all, Lol.

So has anyone had a similar problem and if so how did you over come it? Any help would be really great.
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I find the same!!! I get around it by leaving points for after. So I have a small light dinner, and a snack after. Or I have half my dinner before and the other half after. Or I have a snack before and my dinner after. Depends what time I am going really.
I tend to have toast with a little cooked ham and tomatoes, or cereal, or fruit and yoghurt. Apparently its good to have protein and carbs after a workout. So long as you plan for it, theres no reason why this should undo your hard work, and actually fitness experts recommend that you do eat after a workout.


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Thanx purple star i'll try that.


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its better to eat after apparently! I used to eat 30mins before but now eat after i've been! Have a snack, like an apple or a banana is great, before you go for a workout. thats supposed to really help.
I always have my porridge and then work out an hour after,metabolisim higher in the morning and I couldnt exercise on no fuel.......
I think its best you do as suits you as we are all different,try eating before then try after?

Good luck x
I never eat before working out because i find i get a terrible stitch and stomach pains. I wait and have my dinner (sometimes as late as 8pm)or breakfast when i get back and it hasnt done me any harm i suppose just find what suits you but if your hungrier afterwards save some points till then :) xx


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Couldn't do a thing tonight but am going to play around with the before and after thing, and carbs and proteins. See if i can find a solution. Thanks everyone.x.x.x.

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