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So hungry, don't know what to do?

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Hi everyone. It's day 9 for me today. Last week was great, I had no side effects and didn't feel hungry at all, I lost 8lbs which I'm over the moon with. I don't know why but the last two days I have felt absolutely starving! It's not an emotional need, I'm not upset or stressed, my stomach is rumbling and I am so tempted to just eat something. The only thing I've done differently the last 2 days is to have the bars and I'm wondering if that has thrown my brain out of sync. I'm going out tomorrow night and I'm thinking if I feel like this I'm going to do something stupid and stuff my face, would I be better off just having a controlled tiny amount of real food tonight while I've got someone to keep an eye on me and hope it satisfies my hunger or abstain and take the risk. I'm so disappointed I feel like this when I thought the worst was over. :cry: Any suggestions?
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Hi Christie,

You have been doing so well and have had a great loss, please do not ruin it for yourself.

It could be the bars that are making you more hungry. I'm not sure because I only get 2 bars a week and live off choc shakes otherwise.

If you do have real food tonight, I'd reckon the temptation to eat again will get worse and you would want to do it again and again, especially if you think you can get away with it. That's what I feel atleast. At the end of the day, it's up to you really. Good luck with whatever you decide. :)
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Really interested to see your post, christie, as I've noticed I get hungry for about an hour or so after I've had a bar. In fact I could quite happily eat a couple one after another (but haven't done!). I was thinking of going a week without bars to see if it makes a difference. I get my packs tonight so I think I'll try it and let you know how I get on next week.

Don't break the diet though!! From everything I've read on here it's really difficult to get back on once you've lapsed. Stay strong!


is Magdalicious
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Bars have more calories and carbs so they can make your metabolism going a little faster after you've eaten them. It's not neccessarily a bad thing because in long term it can help you with fat burning and also it prevents you from taking your metabolism to a dangerous low. When your body receives so little calories and carbs, it sets itself into a starvation mode which slows all the processes right down to save energy. If I were you I would not get rid of the bars from your diet altogether because they are there for a reason. Try reducing them to 3-2 per week and see what happens. I have been feeling really hungry lately too but what I've done for the past few days was that I swapped my breakfast with my lunch and had my bar first thing in the morning. It works wonders! Think of it, just like when you're on conventional food. You should have the bulk of your carbs in the first part of the day to allow your body to burn it off better while your metabolism is at its highest.
Give that little trick a try ladies :)
I didn't eat any food while I was on LL maintenance and no bars either - just shakes, soups, water, water flavourings and black coffee. I've never been healthier in my life.
I didn't have bars because I thought they were too much like real food and might tempt me.
You've had such a good start. I hope you decided to stick to it.
Good luck.
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just a wee note, my tummy rumbled a lot and when i asked my llc she said because we are having so low quantitys of food you can actually hear the food moving through your tummy, and that a lot of people assosiated rumbling tummys with hunger. when i heard my tummy rumble i started thinking about the oacks moving through and it stopped me thinking bout food. i just cant believe how much i used to eat to never have a rumbly tummy?? it worked for me good luck on your ll journey xx

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