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I'm also on day 2 and starving, considered eating a tea bag lol haven't done this diet before but have done low carb, my mind keeps wondering to thoughts of food
The first few days can be pretty tough, but it will soon pass once you both get into ketosis. I found that drinking sparkling water helped with hunger pangs

Good Luck
Clair x
I haven't had my 3 meal yet I'm trying to hold on so I won't go to bed hungry I'm going to have the chicken soup which scarely is suitable for vegaterians lol


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In my early days of LT, I often went to bed early, once these few days are over you will be fine, keep at it:D


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Distraction is the key for me. My house is spotless, ironing basket empty and my nails are a different colour every day! What do you all do to take your minds off wanting to eat?
Chicken soup was suprisingly tasty a bit like a cup a soup, cooked tea for everyone else but had to go for a bath when they ate it. Please tell me day 3 is easier, when on atkins ketosis has usually started by day 3
I love the soup!!

Distraction has been okay so far, work work tidy. Tomoro will be a new story tho as I'm off work!!!!

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I'm on week 4 now. The first week was really tough but every day gets easier. Ketosis takes 3/5 days. Once you are they're you will be fine. I kept really busy and went shopping for clothes in smaller sizes. It was real motivation.
I'm hoping mine takes the 3 days not because I will quit but I'm pretty hungry! I've got ice cubes to stuck/chew to keep my mouth busy. I have never done meal replacement before but i am realising the benefits of how convienient it is compared to other diets as I don't have to go in search for the "right" foods whilst I'm at work. Anyway day 2 is now complete and I'm tucked up in bed and looking forward to breakfast lol


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Thanks for all the top tips. I'm just surprised as I was doing a very low carb diet for two months when I started LT, I thought I was in ketosis! LOL

Woke feeling spacey this morning and a slight headache. Been having plenty of fluids though.

Got my 2 litres of sparkling water to take to work! It's been my drink of choice for the last few months.

I've just got to get used to dropping lot's of calories but I know from experience that it gets better.

Come on Day 3, bring it on!


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Major distractions for me this weekend, going to see Take That tonight & Foo Fighers on Sunday! Plenty of walking for both too, loads of jumping around so feeling very optimistic about weigh 3 on Monday! Whoop whoop, it's the weekend!

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