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So... I big time fell off the wagon :(

S: 18st13lb C: 15st4lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 36.7 Loss: 3st9lb(19.25%)
You may remember I said I was moving away, and didn't know how I would get on with Lipotrim. I had been doing so well up until now losing 51lbs in 10 weeks.

Since I moved I've been away from all of my friends, family and boyfriend and have been finding it so tough. I guess it's going back to old problems and I had something to eat, I suppose as a comfort thing. Then once I had eaten something it nearly felt like what was th epoint... and the next day I swapped another shake for a sandwich. Since then I have only been having shakes for my breakfast, and having a lunch + a dinner. I've put back up a whole half a stone in ten days :(

I'm so, so upset.

I feel like how am I ever supposed to start eating again if my weight just keeps going up? I didn't even think I was eating that much.

I am trying to work my way back down now. Am drinking black tea/coffee, two shakes a day, and one meal. From Monday onward then I am hoping to go back to TFR.

I don't even know why I am telling you all this, or what advice I am looking for! I'm just really sad about how I have behaved and my weight at the moment. :(
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I am only 3 days in so can't really offer you much except to say get back on the wagon and please don't beat yourself up too much.
7 pounds can be lost quickly as you know and you know you can do it too. :)
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it's water weight- plain and simple.. It would be near impossible to gain 7 lbs of fat in just 10 days, and as for your worries about reintroducing foods, well, that's why on refeed you have to reintroduce carbs gradually. Good luck getting back on the wagon, i'm sure those lbs will drop off as easily as they were gained :)
S: 20st11lb C: 14st4lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 32.3 Loss: 6st7lb(31.27%)
It will just be water that your storing due to you eating carbs...

You will be fine hun... draw a line under it and start again sweetie!!! Don't beat yourself up hun... you can do this again!!!

Use your shakes and start to cut down your carbs and get back on the tfr as soon as you can!!! The rest will come off hun!!! I know it!!!

: ) x


Back on the wagon!
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Hey most of us have been there....7lbs is fluid....back on SSing and that will quickly move!! Best of luck.


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I agree! Fluid! I have done lipotrim several times and always throw 5lbs or so on immediately when I finish it. But that is it then. It doesn't all pile back on unless you go back to old habbits.

Get back on the wagon and move on.

The comfort eating is a killer! But it doesn't work! Bet you felt worse after eating!!
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Once you get back on TFR you'll be feeling so much more positive. Don't be too hard on yourself. Most people on this forum can relate to comfort eating or over eating....if it was easy none of us would be carrying weight...dust yesterday off....Tomorrow is a new day


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S: 15st6lb C: 15st6lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 35.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Sara 4 where are you going for your hols?
Florida!! First time away in 4yrs!! :dancing_snowman:

Just can't wait!! I have 4 stone to lose and will settle for just having as much gone as I can by then!! No matter what I lose I will have to look better in shorts than I do now! :D Anyway, cellulite always looks better when tanned! :eek:


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Hey most of us have fallen. I gained 11 lb when i fell off mine but got back on track and lost it again . Dont beat yourself up just start gain monday as planned. Best of luck
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