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so i was bad today...

i feel really ill...fluey and sooooo tired...have had a muller lite, special k for lunch, grapes, 4 boiled sweets for my very sore throat...milk...2 baby bel lights...A CHOCOLATE CROISSANT...
Tonight will be pasta...but so not hungry just feel ill...it was supposed to be a green day...i am only on my 3rd week and dont want to go to this weeks meeting coz i know i wont have lost anything coz i was at a wedding all weekend with set menus...i am thinking to skip this week and go next with hopefully a better loss...my 1/2 pound really got to me as all the other new folks lost more! i'm thinking of buying all my food from the 7 day starter plan and sticking to it hard core...i find it hard cooking for my other half who is not dieting...well eating healthily...shall we say...thoughts?:cry:
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don't skip the class!! It will be much harder to go again next week - not to mention harder to stick to the plan!

Your other half doesn't have to "diet". If you have low fat sausages, give them "normal" ones and so on!


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go to class - if you slip and then skip it then its hard to get back into it (well i find this anyway!)

My OH isn't dieting either, but when i'm cooking he'll eat what i am having, the only difference is that he'll have thinks like his chocolate and crisps too :) It can be hard at the weekends, but i just try and fill up on free foods

Hope you feel better soon :)


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As the others have said... don't miss class. I haven't missed one yet, as the only week I couldn't go on Weds I went to my consultants other class on Mon instead. The whole point of class is that it is to support you... you won't get that support (or kick up the backside) if you don't go. Also, everyone puts on every so often, and everyone is in the same boat. We all know what it is like going to weddings etc, sometimes food optimising is damn difficult!!!

As for your partner, mine eats whatever I make!!! I do extra easy, so tonight for example, we had chilli with lean steak mince, I had rice and he decided to have it fajita style with wraps. Often we have SW chips etc. And as Lauryloo says, my OH still has crisps, chocolate, and the occasional burger king for lunch. He is able to maintain that way.

Keep positive hun... we all have bad weeks, it's your choice to draw a line under it and stop it becoming a bad month.

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Please don't miss class! It's a slippery slope! You think "oh I've got a week to get it off" and the problem is that becomes, "so I can afford to have this now as there is plenty of time! It's just this sort of thing where class (and make sure you stay to Image Therapy) comes into it's own. Have a laugh about the croissant, it takes all the guilt away! Nearly everyone there will have done the same and will give you the support you need.Trust me you will feel MUCH better for going! No one will judge you, you will be able to put it behind you and forge ahead. Just draw a line under it and get back on track, you may be pleasantly suprised at the scales.

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