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So ill

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Oh my, yesterday I came back from work and have been so ill. My entire family have come down with this 24hr vomitting/sickness bug and I thought I had escaped it, but last night was hell for me. I got in bed at 5pm and stayed there until 8am this morning, only getting up to use loo, or throw up. Obviously this means I only had a shake and a bar yesterday as I missed out my evening shake. I also didnt manage to drink anywhere near my water. I feel so weak and dizzy this morning. I have managed my shake this morning and i have started on my water. Hopefully I will start to feel better soon.
I have started period bleeding again, only 4 days after finishing, and it begun just after the illness started.
So I am feeling very sorry for myself right now. I will force my stuff down today, even though I dont feel like it to be honest.
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Sending a big hug Tink, hope you feel better soon. Sleep and rest and try to take those shakes & sip the water... hang on in there.

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Aw bless you hope you feel better soon honey try to get your shakes down and hopefully they will make the dizziness a little better xxx


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Hope you feel better soon!


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get well soon honey big hugs on their way xx


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Oh poor you - that sounds horrible! Hope you feel better real soon!:hug99:


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Hope you feel better soon. I had a rotten virus a few weeks ago and as it was like my throat had been literally cut at the back..So I found it hard to eat my bars, swallow at all. But water does help and it will filter through your system soon and you'll be back to normal again. Willing you to be well asap. xxx


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:hug99: aw.. feel better soon..

(if you're on SS+, have your little bit of greens and little bit of chicken.. might help you feel a little better)



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Hope you feel better soon...lots of rest and look after yourself..best wishes.


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hope you feel better tinka x x
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Ah, sorry to hear you've been unwell, hope your feeling a bit better now. As said previously, if you can get some water down you that will probably help.

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Poor you. Sounds really yuck. Hope you are back to good health relly soon. Take care xxx


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hope you feel better soon, ive had a bug like that and it was terrible :( xxx


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sending hugs hope you fell better soon
S: 13st3lb G: 10st0lb
Thanks everyone. I am gradually starting to feel a bit better, had a bar for lunch and I am feeling less dizzy. I have such a lot of work to do, and I really dont feel like doing it. Reports and planning, argh.

Sunshine Singer

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Do a me and leave it all till tomorrow. (eek) Just concentrate on getting better today. Good to hear from you hun. fingers crossed for you feeling much better tomorrow xxx


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hope you feel a bit better hun!
Might be worth splitting your shakes in half so you dont have to drink them on mass (not sure what previous posts have put)
If you do feel the need to eat something, keep it carb free (i usually love stodge when i'm getting over an illness)
Bug hugs and feel better soon

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