So it looks lke I'm givng it a go.

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  1. iwillbethinagain

    iwillbethinagain Silver Member

    This is going to sound really weird, I have been on the Slim and Save forum for about 5months and was really scared coming on to a new forum!

    I have lost 1st 5lbs on Slim and Save but since Christmas I just haven't got my mojo back though have maintained my loses (on the whole). I always planned on maintaining using the 5:2 diet so thought I would give JUDDD a go to lose my last stone. Anyone any suggestions on how long it will take me to lose it? I'm a slow loser due to a thyroid issue.

    I started Wednesday with a 700cal DD (I hadn't actually decided to JUDDD until yesterday!)

    I'm hoping I can stick to this, am I right in thinking it is as simple as one day eating 500cals (or lower) and the next eating 'normally' (i.e. pretty much what I want but not going silly)?

    Any tips very welcome.
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  3. DeeCe

    DeeCe Silver Member

    Yep you are pretty much right, you can look at the JUDDD website to calculate calories but 500/2000 works for most!
  4. BedtimeBear

    BedtimeBear Full Member

    Hi. Good luck with JUDDD. I came straight to JUDDDing from Cambridge and, when I have stuck to it, I have lost every week. I put 4lb back on over Xmas due to excessive eating and only doing the odd down day here and there. For the last three weeks I have done strict alternates and have lost 5lb so it definitely works. x
  5. iwillbethinagain

    iwillbethinagain Silver Member

    That's great to know, thanks

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