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so much fruit !!!

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by SLACK ALICE, 11 May 2009 Social URL.


    SLACK ALICE Silver Member

    Morning all, yesterday we did a craft fair. I knew there would be the usual food sellers -burgers-hotdogs-tates-sweets-chips. But what made it worse was that the burger bar was 3 stalls away and the wind was blowing in our direction !!. The waft of bacon ..OMG :eek::eek:.
    Our daughter got herself a burger and sat behind me and ate it ...but I was strong !!.cow LOL
    So I said we will take our own .....I let the OH do it ...well This is what we ate ..
    2 weight watchers bread with cheese and cue
    1/2 scotchegg salad (in a vitalite tub) 4 syns
    2 apples
    2 bananas
    3 plums
    2 pots mullerlight
    3 cups tea.
    ???????.. christ !!how much fruit?
    when we got home I had Sw chips and omelette and beans, yes another mullerlight!, and another apple and an orange ......well I was nibbly LOL
    he had steak pie,SW chips and beans (it smelt lovely) and yes another apple and a banana !!
    All I heard from him allday was
    ' I WANT SOME MEAT !!!!'
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  3. eternity

    eternity Gold Member

    Well done for resisting the burgers. If I eat too much fruit it makes me really hungry (too much sugar, natural or not) - I'd rather have a hard boiled egg.
  4. mfinnis

    mfinnis Full Member

    good for you resisting that burger.....your food actually sounds much nicer than the burger was....bet the burger was greasy too!

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