so much to lose!


Size 14 here i come!
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Hi, don't feel negative about it, you never know you may not need to lose that much weight to be a size 16. You could lose weight in different places on your body and make it. Good luck you will get there and you will look and feel great!


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you will never know until you give it a go. but this is the best way to do it as said above you may not need to lose all that every person is different on how it loses the weight so dont worry about it and just do it hun you will be glad you did good luck .


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I have 6 stone to lose to be the size i want. I'd say its possible if yo stick to LT. I only been doing it 5 weeks and have lost nearly 2 and 1/2 stone

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it is possible, just stick to it rigidly and drink lots of water- good luck


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It is definately possible, I have lost 6 stone in just 20 weeks! Lipotrim is definately the way to go if you want to lose a large amount in a short time. Good luck & keep us posted!

Clair x


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You'll be fine - just stick to the rules (fully!!) and be prepared for a rough two or three weeks, then you'll find it no problem to be on TFR. Come here whenever you need any help or encouragement and keep us up to date with your losses.

Good luck



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Thanks for replying! I'm feeling very confident, have decided to have a final new years day meal with my boyfriend and will start officially tomorrow! I'm so looking forward to liking myself again, bring it on!


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Welcome Lorna, it is most definitely possible to lose 5 stone in 4 months - but you must stick to the programme. There is a saying on here " drink to make you shrink" - drink plenty of water, keep busy and come on here for inspiration and tips. There are going to plenty of new starters and a few old timers restarting (me included - mucked up my refeed quite badly over Xmas) so you will have plenty of buddies around :D Posting your results regularly seems to help a lot too and before you know it you will be at goal. Good luck I am sure that you will do fine :D


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I think it is do-able.....but we do all lose weight at different rates, so dont aim too high and then you feel upset if you dont quite manage it. Not saying you cant do it,,,,but just think if you just give it 100% and then see how much you lose by the will certainly not be 17 and a half stone that is for sure!

Why is there a need to lose the specific amout for this date? Just curious.

Good luck and honestly, if you give it your all, you will see the weight drop off.


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Hi :)
You'll be a size 16 in no time!!
I lost 8 stone in 6 months two years ago and went from being a size 22-24 to a size 8-10!