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So much to lose!


wannabe yummy mummy
Hiya everyone, I'm Vickie, 24 years old and hugely obese! I have lost weight in the past but since meeting my boyfriend just over 2 years ago I've piled all that and more back on! :cry:
I went to my frst Slimming World meeting today and I was disgusted to see I weigh 22st 10lbs! Seeing that on the scales just makes me more determined than ever though I am petrified of mucking it up! Hopefully going to weekly meetings and the support on this forum will help me stay on track!
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Hey FF, hey don't worry, the bet thing that you are doing is deciding to lose weight. About 2.5-3 years ago I used to weight just under 22st, then I started Lighterlife diet on Sept 10th at 19:12 and now weight 13:7 (as of last week). It is possible for all of us. I was desperate to lose weight fast and decided that LL diet would be the best one for me and then later on in life, I will make sure and work damn hard to maintain my weight and be more healthier. You have come to the right place :)


Losing the baby fat
well use the mortified feeling as an incentive - but honestly dont be feeling too bad about yourself - one way to look at it is you didnt get to 22stone - i'm all for trying to look at things that make me feel negative and turn them round into a positive (in theory anyway!).
it wont be long before youre seeing 19 something on the scales and that will be a great milestone to be 1 something. You'll probably have dropped 3 dress sizes by then too - now thats great mini goal to shoot for.:talk017: i'd start saving for a new outfit as a reward, for when you hit 19:13 if i were you.:)
Welcome FF - wishing you lots of luck and positive vibes on your weight loss journey.
nothing is un-achievable. You only fail when you give up..

Sure - there will be hard times, but to achieve goal will make it all worthwhile.

'm not following a sole sorce plan like Lighter Life. I've totally changed my diet. I'm looking at it as a life change rather than a diet. For me, I reckon my new regime will be permanent if I wish to achieve and maintain my goal. I've accepted this now and can quite happily deal with it.

I started 6th January. So far - I've lost 17lb. I'm hoping when I weigh myself tomorrow to find I'll have lost a cople more - which would take me to 1.1/2 stone DOWN this year. I've got a long way to go too..

Good luck
Hey FF, it is so exciting for us (well definitely for me) to see a lovely shiny new ticker just waiting to be chipped away at. :)

A whole new you is just a few weeks away, and I really look forward to seeing you get there. ooooh exciting!

Anyway, my excitement aside, you have done the right thing by popping in to this forum as they are the most supportive bunch of people I have ever met (ish) in my life.

Good luck with the diet, sweetie. We are all behind you!
once you shift the first few pounds - it'll give you SO much motivation and enthusiasm. THe more you lose - the more it goes.

It was really really hard in the beginning - but now, it's really not a problem at all :) You just get on with it....


wannabe yummy mummy
:thankyou: all so much for the encouragement, I was feeling really down this morning and was wondering if I could really do this, but reading these replies I know I can, quite simply because I have to!:ashamed0005:
it's not bacuse you have to. You don't have to do anything...

But if you DO and you stick at it - the rewards ARE worth it.

You feel heathier & look good
You don't get so out of breath
you'll find clothes that fit !
you'll gain confidence.

Every little bit is worth losing. I'm not setting myself a real end goal or target for now. I'll get there when I get there. I've set myself a lifestyle change and so far am very pleased with how it's working
Hi Fatfighter, love the name btw, reminds me of Marjorie Dawes in Little Britain. Now imagine if she was your SW leader. :eek: Best of luck to you and let us know how you get on.:)
Hiya FF

It's great you have decided to do something about it. Don't be mortified by your start weight. This is the heaviest you will ever be and every stone you lose will make you feel better physically and mentally. One good thing about having a lot to lose is that it does shift quickly when you diet. In a month or two you could have lost a big chunk of weight.

What will you do to reward yourself when you do? How much better will you feel as you slim down? Focus on those sorts of things NOT the number on the scales right now because that number will soon come down hun.

Keep us posted and best of luck.


wannabe yummy mummy
Hi Fatfighter, love the name btw, reminds me of Marjorie Dawes in Little Britain. Now imagine if she was your SW leader. :eek:
I was dreading my first meeting being just like that! lol. So glad to say it wasn't! :)
hi ff i know how it feels i just joined slimming world too and nearly die when the scales said i was 26 stone and i burst in to tears but everyone was great and on the way home i just made the choose im not going to be fat for the next 26 years and thought the only way too do this is to tell everyone i know what im doing and y think they where shocked by how much i weigh but i didnt care and they didnt they just wanted to help me and you know it made me feel better, so i guess what im saying is take each day at a time and remember its a number. x


Gold Member
Think small steps. And set yourself mini targets eg 10%, 1 st, 7 lb or down into the next st. 25 st 13 lb sounds so much less thab 26 st.

And hope you enjoy your sw meetings and journey to success.

Irene xx

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