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So my 1 day break turned into 4

It started with my mums bday when I had a takeaway. Only had shakes and steak stir fry, then the next day ended up going to TGIs. I had shakes in morning and at TGIs I had chicken wings and 2 fajitas. Day after had carvery (hardly any) and day after had soup and duck. :/ reeeeally naughty. BUT had no carbs and only put on a 1lb. Got back on it today and it's been no probs. Planning on sticking to ss for 2 weeks til val day. But next time it will be just the ONE day. Honest. Weigh in tomorrow ( I do my own weigh-in's on Tuesdays) and I will prob just be the same. Oh well back on track now...
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I did the same
I started back SSing December 29th. Stuck to it 29th, 30th and 31st day time but by night I'd eaten a pizza. SSd all day 1st jan then ate a pizza that night! SSd all day 2nd jan then ate a Chinese that night. SSd all day 3rd jan then ate ANOTHER pizza that night

I then looked at what I'd done and got on with it, put it in the past and moved on. Omg I ate three pizzas in four days. 3 large dominos as well
Me bad.
But it was a blip
I've moved on and so will you
Aww dont worry about it i think it would be unrealistic to think we wont have blips but I think we learn from it! I would normally do what you did but have tons of chocolate after the pizza lol. Normally i'd eat til i felt sick before starting a diet as i would think "oh well diet again tomorrow" but this time even though i had takeaways and meals i hardly had any and avoided carbs, and had no deserts (which isnt like me) so i'm kinda pleased with myself. Although i am worried im going to have a binging day one day :/ I feel kind of "safe" on his diet but once ive finished it i think thats going to be the difficult part, especially if i get pregnant again this year, i dont want to use it as an excuse again! xx
I too am hoping to be pregnant again this year and even though I only put 11lbs on in my first pregnancy, with me being a lot bigger then, I'm worried I'll naturally gain more.

Oh I add on NYE after the pizza I ate a whole bag of big cadbury buttons. It took me hours and hours to go to sleep as I was so full

It'd be interesting to find out who gets to target with absolutely no slip ups at all. I bet the percentage is minute.

Hope you get a BFP soon

So, feeling back in the zone today?xx
lostpolarbear said:
ooh i just weighed myself and not lost but not gained, so thats ok :) x
Haha how bad are we?! I love chocolate too much, thank god for the mint crunch and orange choc bars I look forward to my tea time bar! Yep back in the zone although will be having a one day break for a valentines meal in 2 weeks :) are you planning on getting to your goal before ttc or are you just going for it now? My AF came back 1st jan but it's not come back this month! Is it because if the diet do you think?! Or because my body has not got back into a cycle yet? I wanted to start ttc April when i'm hopefully near my goal xx

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