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So pleased!

So I had my BBQ yesterday, and it was a total success! I had saved my syns (by only having 5 every day then allowing myself 70 for yesterday). And I didn't even go over my daily syns! All the food was free except my coleslaw, which was 0.5 syns per tablespoon, and I had 2. I had 2 small bottles of stella which came to 10 syns, so i only used 11 syns! So treated myself to a couple of chocolates from one of the boxes I got given for my b'day (which btw, I never understand why people give chocolates when they KNOW the person is trying to lose weight).

The food went down a storm, and the 2 people that came that do WW have asked for the website for Joes, so they can get some stuff.

The table was jam packed with syn free or low syn stuff and everybody said how nice it was, and one person said "Well i guess you've blown your diet today then" And they were quite surprised when I said "actually no, this is a SW BBQ!"

But the best bit by far was that I had compliments about my weight, that I already looked slimmer!

All in all a very good birthday!:D
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I'm having bbq today did you not have bread etc? i've sorted evrting but te cob part not sure if to just have meat and salad etc?


Brilliant food wen t down well and done so great on syns etc hopeim just as good :)
I do EE and I had a bit of everything, meat, salad, I made chicken kebabs with pieapple chunks (fresh) and mushrooms, corn on the cob, syn free quiche. Yes i did have bread, well, a roll with my burger, but it was my HExB. I was absolutely stuffed. I just made sure to eat lots of salad first, so I knew my 1/3 was taken care of. I had 3 bowls of salad with frylite salad spray (had 3 different bowls of salad out) and then after the meat I stopped, and if I got peckish I had another bowl of salad. So I know I definitely got my salad in for the day..lol
:) what a lovely day :) well done for staying on plan for your birthday :D I didn't, for my 21st! ooh well ;)

You're sure to lose weight this week :D x


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well done you!

just read your post and it gave me goose bumps!!! delighted to hear you did so well i am taking inspiration from your post today - thankyou very much x



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Well done, you are a star and it goes to show with thought and preperation as Slimming World members we can still pretty much enjoy the same as everyone else in moderation - How fantastic that you chose such healthy options and stayed within your syns even though you had so many saved up that you could have gone to town. You are a true inspiration xxx


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Well done you :)

I'm not so successful.. Had 2 BBQs this weekend, and I had things I shouldn't of had, didn't even keep track of syns. Feeling quite guilty actually!! :(
Ah well, on it 100% tomorrow :D xxx

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