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So so tired...


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... these last couple of days I have been permanently shattered, could sleep all night and most of the day if I was given the chance.

Have been on a course today (back on same one tomorrow and on another on Thurs & Fri) .... was with a lot of people who are in the same service as I am though not necessarily in my team. Really didn't want them to find out that I wasn't eating and thankfully I seem to have avoided them noticing. There was a buffet placed in the next room to us so at lunch time I nipped to the loo, then went back to the meeting room, then went into the room with the buffet and left empty handed and then wandered down to where there were some little chairs and tables and sat there and ate my bar and drank my water. I was joined by the trainer (was an external trainer) and we just had a chat about the course and life in general and hurray nobody noticed I didn't eat. Now I've just got to do something the same tomorrow! I'm not worried about the course on Thurs and Fri as I don't know anybody who's attending that and they're not from my service so it's unlikely to get back to the people I work with.

Gonna go to aqua aerobics tonight - am hoping that I'll go there, then have a nice long shower and come home and have an early night --- should sleep properly then too.

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Hi Cath- I know what you mean I am cream-crackered as well- so tired yesterday just worked from home and cancelled meetings- bit naughty. Perhaps its the time of year? I am in week 10, so no reason why I should be knackered now. Also been starving hungry this week, and from the posts it looks like lots of others have been. Perhaps we have all increased activity a bit since the nights got lighter and that is taking its toll.

Whatever, hope you enjoy the aqua class and get a good night's sleep. Well done on managing the food thing around the course- I always find that situation the most stressful and temptation laden!
Aww big hugs! How is the water consumption? One of the reasons I felt so tired yesterday was I hadnt had enough...courses are tiring & I almost feel worse with the thinking stuff than the physical stuff - all that brain power! My gp referral woman said its cos the brains a muscle. Just look after yourself & dont overdo it! Week 5 & 6 do seem to be a bit of a killer for some reason....hpe you feel better after a good nights sleep. Big hugs!


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Cheers girls :) Might be the water intake - had my fill at least today but may have been down a bit yesterday or Sunday --- will keep it topped up now!

Hi Cath

I can sympathise with the course business. I just got back from a two day conference with three of my workmates and feel like I spent two days watching people eat! Managed to survive smoked salmon and scrambled egg breakfast, two buffet lunches, buffet breakfast and an evening dinner (not to mention lots of wine!). Opted out of the evening dinner and spent the night in my hotel room with my packs and water. Had to explain what I was up to as people notice when you don't eat for two days - met with the usual, 'ohh that sounds extreme' and 'go on, one glass of wine won't hurt'.

Really pleased that I managed to get through the two days without a morsel passing my lips. In some ways feel much stronger for being 'tested' and think that if I can get through that I can get through the next seven weeks.

Good luck with the rest of your week - sounds like you've got your strategy straight in your head though.

Take care

Johnny :D


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Hey mate

Another way to handle buffets is to fill your plate with food you do't like. No one ever really notices you don't eat it - they just register you having a plate! ;) Well done on handling it today, and hoping knocking back more water helps with the tired thing ;)


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Hey Johnny you deserve a :clap: :clap: for sticking to it like that .... can understand why you feel stronger now. Going at it like that you'll definitely sail through the next 7 weeks ... and that's even if it takes you that long to get to your goal.

D_Q ..... hmmmm that's an idea, might give that a go tomorrow -- it's such a casual affair though I think one of them may notice, LOL have to find something I don't like though :)



Queen of the Damned
Yeah, I know that problem - when I'm in eating mode there's very little I won't eat!:p

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