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So stupid ...

So i've been playing Tag Rugby all Summer and last night was the end of the season, We all went out to celebrate after our last night. I wore a fab new dress (size 12!! :O:O ) out that i got lots of compliments in and felt a millon dollars. However, everyone was hammered and i said i would have one vodka..ended up having three. Now after reading the drinking sticky i feel really bad, didnt realise the consequences were so bad! Nothing happened last night and feel fine today just a little tired but Am i out of the danger zone, Am i going to be up loads now on my WI on Monday ? So depressed, feels like i really let my self down ... :sigh:
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Life is not a Rehersal!
Hi Sharpalina

Not sure whether it will affect your WI, but it isnt a wise thing to do,, BUT, it is done, so need to just move on sweetie!

It is amazing how our peers can so influence us...not always easy at times, but just keep focussed until Monday and then see. If you have, well, you will just have to accept and be good :) It could happen to the best of us, but best to stay away from the booze whilst on LT for your own safety and well-being.

Be gentle on yourself and take care.
Thanks a million Scotsmist. I know! everyone was like ah have one drink it cant do any harm and eventually i just gave in, i should have just went home but there was a guy involved and things got complicated... Dont worry I WILL NOT be drinking again whilst on lipotrim ever again, i have really learned my lesson!

Have had my shake this morning and im going to continue on today and for the wkend and the rest of the day as if last night never happened and hope for the best for WI on Monday..

Thanks a mill again xx
hey sharpelina

well done on your weight loss so far, you've done brill!! And a size 12 dress.......I am sooooooooo envious!!

as for last night, what's done is done!! You're okay (thank goodness) but just draw a line under it, get back on the LT and keep focussed.

I've heard its not a good idea to drink on LT, but I'm guessing you're now aware of that.

Keep up the good work and fingers crossed for your next weigh in

Thanks a million skinnyminny... Dont worry one day you'll too be wearing a new size 12 dress!

Are you on Lipotrim long? how are you finding it?

No more alchohol, thats for sure xxx
hi sharpelina

this is my first week and i'm doing ok thanks. got my first weigh in later on this afternoon and i'm really really really giddy!!

i woke up famished this morning but I've had my choc/mint shake and some fizzy water and i'm okay now.

yes yes.....no more alcohol for the moment. Now there's something I never in a million years thought I'd hear myself say!! My 5 a day used to come from the grapes used to make Blossom Hill!!!!

LOL I know what you mean!!

It does get easier from here on in hun, the first wk really is the hardest.. my first wk i was so giddy about getting weighed they let me leave work to go do it because i couldnt concentrate until i got it done! Well Best of luck today let us know how you get on.. xx
(just realised we started at practically the same & have the same to lose, You'll be at your goal before you even realise it ! )
it is getting easier so heres to week 2!! I'm going on a 3 night hen do to portugal in a couple of weeks and I'm sooooo determined to do this that I'm sticking to LT when I go there. Now that's a challenge and a half!!!

We'll both be at target before we know it!!

Keep up the fantastic work and I'll do a post later when I've been weighed



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Not sure about the being out of the danger zone thing but id imagine so if you have slept. just be warned, dont ever do it again! Its so dangerous!


Positivity is the key
Hi Sharpalina,
You know the score by now, no drinking on this diet!
Glad to know you are ok though and getting back into the swing of things again. You should be fine on Monday. You have so well up to now, don't mess it up. A night out is great but don't let the pressure get to you, your friends should be supporting you not encouraging you to drink.
Hope you feel ok today and remember all will be well once you stick to it 100%. Take care.

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