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So there are ups and there are downs...


Wants to be a yummy mummy
Well, yesterday was nice and easy, have really got back into full swing of this...

Today has been pretty good too, went back to work for the first time and spent a long time with my manager working out a good package to ease me back in.. I also went to see the knee clinic, was seen by a lovely doctor - she doesn't think I've done any new damage to my knee (which is SUCH a relief) but wants to wait and see.. She's going to see me again in 4 weeks and then again 4 weeks after that (so that would be 3 days before the wedding!!!!) If I've still not got pretty much completely better then she'll take me in for an examination of the knee under (general) anaesthetic - keyhole surgery basically to see what I've done... So that was positive.. She also said she didn't think I should sit with my leg in a fixed position for the flight to the carribean (and will write me a letter to that effect to show the airline) - so I went to the travel agents, she rang the airline (who are a very very well known one) and they just wouldn't budge.. I can upgrade if I'm willing to pay for it - but having been off sick for so long I haven't been able to do any overtime... So that's out of the question.. The woman in the travel agent was quite cold about it after the phonecall - just said if you want to cancel you would be better to do it by the 19th May so that you only lose your deposit... Just pop it in writing... JUST ~POP~ IN WRITING THE FACT THAT WE'D BE CANCELLING OUR HONEYMOON, SOMETHING THAT WE'VE BEEN LOOKING FORWARD TO FOR TWO YEARS?? *sniffs* *sniffs again* So that part of today wasn't too good....

But I came home....

Cooked h2b pork chop, new pots and veg...

And sorted him out a pud (berries and yogurt)

And drank my shake................... (ignoring the fact that we have bags and bags and bags of jelly babies in the spare room for our favours!!!)

So even though I came home blubbing I still stuck to it..

And drank more water!

:( Really hope knee gets better by wedding now....................................

Off to see CDC tomorrow, am going to get some tetras and try them!
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Which airline is it because a close relative of mine works for a well known one? Does it begin with V or B? x


Wants to be a yummy mummy
Am I allowed to say?
Yeah I think so? Not sure? Message me if you would rather :)


Wants to be a yummy mummy
Arrrrrrrrrrgh, I can't work out how to PM!!!!!!!

Can you pm me and then I'll be able to reply...

Thank you so much xx
Not sure how to do it either! Hehe! If it's BA or Virgin you can most certainly sort this out, call back and speak to a manager. I know for a fact that one of those airlines offers a ticket to a destination of the customers choice if they have been mistreated so you should at least be upgraded. Lay it on thick and say that the person you spoke to was VERY rude and that you have been put off flying with this airline ever again. You were obviously happy to fly econmy but because of your situation you need the extra foot room. Kick up a stink and I would be surprised if that doesn't work. Because you're flying long-haul I'm guessing we're talking BIG airlines and word-of-mouth means a lot to them. They should be falling over themselves to make this up to you. Oh and mention the wedding too. They almost always have seats left in business and upper class, they are just being difficult. Aim for upper class because they tend to have something you can put your leg up on, business class just has a little extra foot room and larger seats. Let me know how you get on! x


Wants to be a yummy mummy
Em thank you...

I have enabled email from here - if you go into my profile you can email me from there...

I would be really grateful to pick your brains about this more if I may, if you had chance to email me I would be so appreciative!! x


Wants to be a yummy mummy
ok sonkie, thank you... Didn't want the post pulled!!

It's with an airline beginning with V....
Hey I can't access your profile, it says I don't have sufficient privledges :( but Vicky (above) is a moderator and says you can say it so go for it :) or try messaging me :p
Aha! Well that's perfect! That was the airline I was referring to! I can find out more about this situation if you can give me a few days? Can you mention the date and destination? x


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Em - I'm going to give my email in this thread - I will be deleting it within a few minutes... Can you let me know you've seen it and then I'll edit the post.. Would really rather chat about this off board rather than posting up our honeymoon details on here!!
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I will also ask but I wonder if this is because they were speaking to a travel agent? Call V yourself tomorrow and see what they say because they are the ones who dish out the free flights for upset customers. They are usually very good at this stuff :) I'll ask for you tomorrow/Saturday when I see aforementioned contact but give them a bell and see what they say in the meantime because I wouldn't be surprised if they sorted you out. The person I know will just tell me what they usually do and how you could get round them :) she will also be able to look and see how booked up the flight is so they can't lie to you :)
Seen it :) have you got msn? x


Wants to be a yummy mummy
hahahaha sonkie!!!

Thanks Em, will try.... Did you see my email address? Rather anxious to get it off here!!!


Wants to be a yummy mummy
Thanks Em... No, not ever installed it on the laptop funnily enough, prob better just to chat via email...
Sent you an email :)
Any moderators can delete this thread now if they like? x


Wants to be a yummy mummy
Actually yes, I would be quite grateful for this thread being deleted please?


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