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SO tired and flippin hungry! :0(


Focused & goin for goal!
No, I'm not ssing. I'm on CD 1000 which is great.

I'm in my 21st week and have found this whole diet fairly easy (ish!). It hasn't been until now when I'm only about half a stone away from my goal that I'm starting to feel I NEED something :cry:. I'm due on my TOTM which isn't helping... I'm sure it's that which is causing me to feel so hungry and exhausted.

Feeling like I'm gonna cave in :( but REALLY don't want to! In all the weeks I've been doing this I can honestly say I've NEVER eaten ANYTHING I'm not meant to, and I've ALWAYS stuck 100% to the portions too so I don't want to feel like I'm going to fall at the last hurdle.

I need your will-power. Please help me to stay on this... I am so very close to eating something I shouldnt. :sigh:
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try having some fruit or water thats what i do when hungry! - but i am on weight watchers points !

try not to gave up - you done so good so far wish i was as good as you !

lol enjoy sorry not much help thou! x


Serial Foodie!
u have done so well so stick with it!! u know that one bite can lead to a slippery road so take a pint off water off to the bathroom and have a soak or somehting. anything to distract u!!

take it from a serial cheater!!

well done on coming so far

Look how well you've done. It's that horrid little CB in your head. Tell it to Pee off. You are so close now that the cb is playing tricks with you. Keep on going, stya strong, you can do it. You should be so proud of how far you've come.Tomorrow you know you'll feel better and proud of yourself for not caving in.I know its boring but get some more water down you and do something to keep you busy. You are so nearly in a "healthy" bmi, just look at that ticker!!! Sending you loads of willpower,

Nikki x
You've done so well.

What is it you want that you can't have on CD1000??? Do you want to move up to 1200 or 1500???

Don't sabotage yourself at the last hurdle .... TALK to us!!!!


Focused & goin for goal!
You've done so well.

What is it you want that you can't have on CD1000??? Do you want to move up to 1200 or 1500???

Don't sabotage yourself at the last hurdle .... TALK to us!!!!
Well, a typical day for me on CD1000 is as follows:

BREAKFAST= Shake + fruit (maybe a banana or an apple or grapes) Usually 100 cals worth though and I have my other 50 cals worth with my lunch).

LUNCH= soup + other piece of fruit left over from b'fast.

(this is where I'm up to now and am feeling hungry!)

TEA= something from the 1000cd booklet - tonight it will be salmon with cus cus and some veg.

SUPPER = 50 cals worth of fruit. (I like to save something for the end of the day).

Maybe I am due to move up to 1200 or 1500. I'm only f few pounds from goal but dont want to mess up :(


Wondering to gain wisdom
I tell you what it was that got me through my 100 days on LL last time - it was clinging to that statement "I've stuck to it 100%" and I knew that just one slip would mean I couldn't say it anymore.


Focused & goin for goal!
OK, so I have eaten a little bit over what I should have today.

Just after posting the above I had an apple.

I had my tea (as stated above) but instead of only having 100g of salmon, I had about 180g (ish, maybe slightly less - I know it is almost double the amount but I was SO hungry!

I'm now just having some lovely mango (my fave!) should be having a 100g portion but I've got 125g.

SO, I'm over by an apple, 80g salmon and 25g of mango. Surely this isn't too bad?!?!:sigh: It could have been a thick wedge of buttered toast and a bar of choc! ;)
Did I do ok?

I felt the support - thanks guys.


Serial Foodie!
i think u r ok :) the food police have a warrent out for me and so probably havent noticed u on the raidar...yet :p



Focused & goin for goal!
What about your veggie portion at lunch?? where did it gooooooo!!!?? I think you are due to eat some greens!! :)
Hi Coley,
Well, to be honest I'm not that keen on salad stuff. Especially if it is dry :eek:

What can I have?

Tomorrow I'm out with my kiddies (I'm a teacher) on a school trip.

I've decided to have the following:

B'FAST: Shake + fruit e.g. 1 plum (25cals) 1 apple (50cals)
(will have a couple of pieces of fruit from the b'fast allowance and the rest with my lunch)

LUNCH: Bar, rest of fruit from b'fast allowance (other plum - 25cals, small baby banana - 50cals.
I'm also going to take a 'salad box' with me which will have a portion of cucumber strips, some 3 medium cherry tomtoes and a portion of black grapes.
I'm not sure what the cucumber and toms would be in cals but the grapes would be 50cals worth.

What do you think? Is that ok?

I'd then have my usual tea and another piece of fruit (mango - 100g= 50cals maybe) for pud.

Am I ok with all that? Are the tomatoes ok as a salad/veg portion (even though I know they may be classed as fruit :sigh:)
Am I over doing the fruit a bit?

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