So upset


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Hi everyone,
I am new to ww but have been about minimins for a while and feel like I've been on every forum and tried every diet! I joined ww 2 weeks ago. I lost 6.5lb my first week but just had second weigh in and i put on half a lb and I am gutted. I really stuck to my points, wrote everthing down, didn't use my 49 and went swimming and did the 30 day shred twice. Thought I had been so good and I am so upset :'-(
Sorry to be a moan but I just needed to share. Thanks
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You never know, you may get a great loss next week!! :D
Don't be too downhearted!


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hey don't be upset! first of all, you've done amazingly well to lose 6 pounds so far, don't forget that - well done :] secondly, your weight fluctuates by up to 4 pounds during the day so don't be disheartened, all your hard work will probably show up at weigh in next week!

don't lose your determination, just remember how you felt when you got on those scales after your first week! stick to the plan, carry on writing down and don't lose sight of your overall goal, guaranteed weight loss next week :]

good luck!



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Aaaww don't let it get to ya.... I had exactly the same on my second week.... 5 first week then half on week after.... It is disheartening, your first weeks loss was huge so be proud of yourself and expect to add to your losses next week....xx


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Hun don't let it get to u I personally think it's the 30 day shred cuz u build muscle and loss inches give it a miss this week and see the results xxx


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Deffo try not to be too disheartened - I reckon the same will be the same come monday. Keep positive :)


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join the club!!! today was my second wi and i put on 1lb:( but i'm more determined than ever to get rid of the last few lbs!!!


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With that amount of exercise I wouldn't be suprised if it was the fat/muscle conversion! Did you happen to measure your legs/arms/waist before you started ww? I find if a loss is low, re-measuring those parts of you can prove you've lost inches even if you haven't lost pounds!