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So what are we having for lunch?

I am just at my desk eating my lunch hoping the phone won't ring when my mouth is full and looking at minimins... I was just wondering what other packed-lunch eaters eat for lunch whilst cc-ing? Obviously we are restricted by portability, time to make and our calorie allowance. I thought it might give us all some inspiration to rejuvinate our lunches if we shared...

So I had dried apple rings and a plum for me morning munchies. Lunch is a seeded wrap with spinach, extra light philadelphia, cucumber and smoked salmon; a hard boiled egg, 50g blueberries and 200g pineapple (which all comes to 454). Got a cereal bar for late afternoon to keep me going at the gym!
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Must say, CC, that lunch sounds deeply delicious! Good on you for taking the time to put it all together. Sounds like a little feast for the tastebuds. My stomach just severely rumbled reading it.

I was out today for lunch, wasn't planned, so I tried to make a relatively healthy choice. I went for the spicy apricot and mango chicken with saffron rice. Healthy resolutions went out the window when I was presented with the dessert menu, though, so I'd best not mention that because it probably ranks as food porn! :p
Lol Iris, love it! I also went out for lunch and stayed away from dessert, although I can't say the same for the bulmers GRRRRRRR! I ended up skipping the gym and I then got a bottle of wine on my way home, and then munched out on crunchy nuts for dinner. And I didn't stop at one bowl unfortunatly! Aww well :(
CC I alsio think your lunch sounds so lush! For lunches I usually make a chicken or prawn salad and have a cappuccino and caramel freddo after, its ususlly around 450 cals. Or a WW meal with a salad or veg, which is around 400 cals. xx


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pumpkin, if you could resist the lure of the desserts, I figure you've earned some wine and at least a couple of bowls of crunchy nuts.

[warning: if you're of a sensitive sugar-craving disposition please don't read on]

I couldn't resist the desserts and I ended up going for... *drumroll please* 'Bailey's Irish Cream and Fudge Cheesecake.' Served with Belgian choc scrolls and a big dollop of ice cream. Approximately a gazillion cals a mouthful, or it felt like it! But by heck, it was good. I resisted licking the plate, with difficulty, but I did covertly smudge my thumb over it to get the last crumbs!

Yes, I'm a pig. So, hey, I bet that wine and cereal doesn't seem too bad now, eh? :p


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Iris, that dessert sounds scrumptious! Damn you... Stuck at work thinking about chocolate cake now!

I'm planning to have a Boots Shapers lunch today seeings as I am on a tight timeframe. Perhaps the chicken roast sandwich with pineapple slices for an afternoon snack. Tomorrow, may treat myself to a Subway. Mmmm!
I bet that Baileys dessert tasted amazing! And since it was a treat I bet it tasted all the better. I find that restricting according to cals means when you do go for broke and have a dessert out (or a mini magnum at my parents - i love their freezer!) it tastes so much better!

Tomato soup and an english muffin for lunch today coz I want to keep more cals for a chicken kiev and roasted veg this evening - I'm off work tomorrow so tonight will be my 'Friday night' dinner - always something comfort food-y!

Have a lovely productive day all x
Oooo that dessert sounds so darn good! Well on that site you told me about Iris, I have a big fat X for yesterday coz I didn't even exercise! Aw well, I guess we all need a little treat every now and then :p

CC have you came up with any more lunch ideas? Sorry for hijacking your thread btw! x
Well personally I eat my wraps as described before with various protein fillings like ham/that cooked chicken with flavourings like tikka etc/tuna. I also like fresh soups with an english muffin. Sometimes in the winter I have a little jacket potato with baked beans. Um... I also like crudites, dip (I like sour cream and chive mm), boiled egg (can just eat the white if need less cals) and cream crackers. I go through phases!!! Always with fruit like melon, blueberries, plums, cherries, apples, pineapple... What do you do??

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