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So whats it all about???

Hey Everyone,

I previously lost over 4 stone on the Cambridge diet but for one reason or another I just havent been able to get back on the diet since a break at the beginning of the year - I am pleased to say I havent put all the weight back only about 6lbs - however I know that old habits are starting to creep back again and need to do something, before I end up putting it all back on and I really wanted to reach my target goal weight - still have quite a long way to go. I had been trying just normal eating healthily and joined a gym where I was going 4-5 times a week and this seemed to be helping me maintain - however in the middle of August I was involved in a car accident and I am still injured so the gym trips unfortunately are non existant. This morning I popped into the local pharmacy to pick up a prescription when I noticed Celebrity Slim on the shelf - so came home to research as it is a lot cheaper that CD and I like the fact is doesnt seem to be such a strict plan like CD? I'd be really grateful if you could update me on your experiences of CS - also I have a few questions hopefully someone out there may know the answers...........

- What are you allowed to drink on CS? For example is tea, coffee, milk, etc allowed?
- Do you actually go into ketosis on this diet?
- I've read that you can have as much salad/veg as you want or is there limitations?
- Are there any side affects?
- Is there a problem with taking medication whilst following this diet?
- In the programme book which comes with the starter pack does it clearly list which foods are allowed and ones which arent?
- How yummy are the products?
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Hi Tinkerbella,

I'll try and answer some of your questions, however I am no expert so it might be best to send an email to someone who works there. I have been on Celebrity slim for 6 months and have lost over 3 stone and reached my target weight of 9 stone!! What I liked about the diet was that it was so easy to follow and 2 out of the 3 meals in your day you didn't have to think about.
The shakes are yummy and I really like the choc-caramel bars.
Apparently losing weight at a slower rate is much more sustainable, and in fact i have been on the maintenance stage now for about 2 weeks (i know, not a long time) and i haven't even put a pound on.

It sounds like you are fairly active, so this will only help increase your weight loss. With regard to tea and coffee, you are only allowed to have up to a maximum of 3 a day and you have to drink at least 2 litres of water per day!!!! this was the hardest bit for me but you get used to it.

Although the diet is not a low carbohydrate diet, your main meal should be low carb (no potato, pasta bread etc) as this forces your body to go into a mild state of ketosis.

I have recommended this diet to all of my friends, and i love to hear compliments from old friends who have not seen me in a while. Good luck with your weight loss, whichever one you choose.

x x
Thanks Allie for your response I've been doing as much research as I can as dont want to start something on a whim - in fact I've found only positive comments, reviews regarding the diet so definately think I'm going to give it a go - got nothing to lose except weight!
Do you collect your products from a pharmacy or do you order yours online? I'm not sure which route to take I'd quite like the weekly weigh ins and supportive chat from the pharmacy but when i was doing CD at times I found having to meet my cdc a bit too much pressure especially when I hadnt had a good week so maybe I'll go with the online option at least that way I have to be motivated to keep myself on track and long term its up to be to making the right choices if I really want to lose the weight.

Congratulations on your weight loss - really impressive I cant wait to actually hit target - I bet you look fab ! Well done!!

Cant believe its so quite on this area of the forum - hoping that its because CS works so well people dont need the support from this forum!!!

Good luck with your maintenance and would love to continue hearing from you!

Thanks x x
Hi Tinkerbella,

I collected mine from the pharmacy for a bit as I liked the initial support, especially as I lacked confidence in knowing what foods I could and could not have! They were excellent, and i never once felt pressurized to go! Maybe give it a go to get the weigh ins initially, then go it alone once you have the confidence that you'll be ok.

I am very happy with my weight loss thank you! It has completely helped boost my self esteem.

Good luck with your weight loss, I hope you manage to get to your goal weight. Let me know how you get on xxx

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