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So while i was lying in bed trying to sleep.....

I have decided that i am not going to wait until 2nd May to start!!

Originally i planned to see my CDC for the first time on 26th, then start on the 2nd May!! but i can't wait to get rid of this weight. so i am going to start on the 27th now!!

I thought that by starting on the 2nd and getting all the bank hols out the way would be sensible, but then i thought why wait? im always going to come up against different situations that might throw me out of routine slightly, but i still need to stay focused on the CD. so that's what i'm going to do! i am planning on staying 100% from the 27th April until 1st July. I know this is going to be hard, because i have a lot of family birthdays in June!! but hey I'm sure they won't mind if i don't come for the meal, there will always be others!
i'm going to need lots of support to keep up the motivation so i'll be here a lot.
Thanks for reading my post
Emma x
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tinkerbellsmum said:
good luck hun
i find it easy not to eat cause i know i can't have a thing. where other diets you have a choice and often we choose badly
That's my thoughts exactly!!
Good Luck xx
Brilliant way to look at it. Don't wait, just do it! I had to wait until my baby was three months before I could start and I can't tell you how much weight I put on in those months because I knew I had to eat the last of every last bit of my fave foods. There will always be something that comes up that you'd like to eat for, but this is for such a short time I believe it's best just to get on with it. I am only in my second week but I can see the change starting in me already! I'm now in control of things for the first time in months and it's a good feeling!

Good luck on your journey!
My thoughts exactly - you don't have to do it forever in my eyes (the shakes, not eating healthily) and there will always be 'something'.

I am hoping I can be ready for Christmas...I want to be able to join the family in a christmas meal. I honestly think I can still be healthy and hey, what if I do put on a few lbs over christmas - everyone does - and I hopefully will be back in the 'gym' swing of things by then too!
Hey, your right to have the mentality to start earlier cos bank holidays are notoriously filled with food and drink and by the end of it you will (if your like me) have put on another few pounds (its that easy to gain with me- oh the joys)... Best of luck with your new start date

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