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So worried about my holiday


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Hi guys :D

I'm hoping that one of you has a pearl of wisdom to offer :)

I'm off on Holiday to Torquay soon and it will be my week 5 so AAM week... Thing is i am terrified of falling off the wagon or messing up all my hard work. I've seen so many posts where people say dont cheat its the worst thing you could do its too hard to get back on the diet afterwards... I'm scared i'll try and be as conservtive as i can and it wont be enough and that i wont be able to get back on the diet and all the weight will all pile back on and it will all have been for nothing :(

I really dont know what to do.. i dont want to ruin DH's holiday by insisting we dont go out for a meal at all whilst there and just stick to my shakes completely and making him feel guilty for eating fish and chips and what not...

Really dont know what to do :(

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Hia Beckie,

I was doing week 7 of LL when we went to Majorca for a week last October.

My hubby was starting a new job and wanted a week of sun, sea and ssssomething else(!) before he started the new job.

He asked me what I thought about a holiday, I said yes, lets go for it, but can we do self-catering?

That's what we did, and got a nice apartment with a mini kitchen. I took all my packs with me (with LL there is no AAM weeks, it's all 100% packs for 100 days).

We tended to eat breakfast and lunch at the apartment, and evening meals out at different restaurants every night.

My husband and the kids ate, and I sat and watched with a sparkling water. I occasionally felt 'hard done by' but did a thought record to work out my feelings later. I knew that if I wanted to succeed with the LL programme, I had to commit 100%. I did, and thank heavens for that! I was so buoyed up when I returned. I couldn't have done it so well without the support of my husband and family though.

".....i dont want to ruin DH's holiday ......"

Have you spoken to your DH about what you want to achieve and how he can help you? You may be surprised at the ideas you both come up with to help you stay on track. It can be done. If you can explain how you feel, he can understand that he need not feel guilty for eating when you don't.

Think ahead to (say) the summer holidays when you will be so much more slimmer and feeling fantastic. Think of how you'll be feeling and looking. Isn't it worth a bit of discomfort now, to achieve your dream of a healthy weight/ fantastic new wardrobe/ boundless energy/ loads of positive comments!

I bet you can work something out so that you both enjoy your holiday in Torquay!
Hi Bekie,

Just wanted to add again - talk to your DH, and see how he feels. It will be really hard, but last year after 4 fabulous weeks of CD, and being really in the swing of it, we went away for a week and I ate (thinking I'd just start again when I got back) and here I am a year later, still trying to re-start.

Once you've got past that fisrt week or two, you really are "In the zone" and it would be such a shame to let go of it. If your DH was ok with it, psych yourself up to it before hand - think of the slimmer summer, print off your goals and carry them with you. If you think it will be too hard to do AAM while away (especially your first) why not put off AAM til you get back? It might give you an incentive to get through the week.

Take care

K xx


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Thank you so much for your advice its so much appreciated :) I was so worried about this and with your advice i know i can go away and not cheat at all :)

I'm going to take tetras with me for most of the week and DH can eat whatever he likes, we will have to get over feeling guilty... i might want the food on his plate somedays but i certainly dont begrudge him it because i cant have it!!

Also a friend of mine from another forum who did LL offered me this advice and it makes complete sense!!

*Concentrate on the holiday and having a good time. Don't let food rule whether your holiday is good or not. Don't let food have the power. You're on control now of the food, not the other way around*

We are in a self catering cottage and so there is no reason we have to eat out at all... so i know i can do my packs and DH can eat whatever he chooses xxx


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