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sole sorce plus v's 810

the amounts on SS+ are much less than 810 , ( SS+ is approx 600 calories a day and 810 is ... 810 calories) ,
SS+ is still a ketotic plan , where as 810 has larger portions , skimmed milk and often takes you out of ketosis
The losses on SS+ are the same as SS ( average 14lb a month ) and on 810 the average is 12 lb a month
Soul Source Plus doesn't necessarily have a meal; it could be four sachets and 200ml of skimmed milk. If it is three sachets and a meal, the meal is only 200kcals.

810, as far as I understand, has a slightly bigger meal of protein and selected vegetables, and some milk. Hope this helps.


Slowly but surely x
i do 810 and have good losses but im now stepping down to SS+ for a kick into crimbo xx


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I've been doing a combination of 810 for a little while - well my version of it anyway.

I started with SS+ - so always had an evening meal with only two CD products (I know I'm supposed to have 3 but it hasn't killed me yet - and when I did it last year I always had 2 when doing SS+). For the last three-four weeks I've had mueseli and skimmed milk, and of course my evening meal.

I've been more than happy with my losses (apart from the 1lb loss week - that was completely pants!).

I'm gradually - although I'm very apprehensive - moving up the steps. My first proper night out of December is tomorrow - I will be having a lovely meal (haven't decided what yet!), but I'm not going to drinking - I think that's going to be a step too far for me at the moment!! I'll be the designated driver. And drinking I can leave - but I am looking forward to my food!!

I've got to get my head straight - i'm going to go back on CD on Friday - I must not get complacent around food.

I feel nervous tho - how odd is that?
I think it's understandable LV; CD gives us a sense of control I think and we worry that control is dependent on CD rather than being an actual change in us. Try telling yourself over and over again that you are in control and you will eat if you choose to?

I read somewhere (? on this forum) that it's the first 2 bites of anything that we taste most as thats when our tastebuds are most active and after that the flavours decrease. When I start on maintenance I'm going to try to apply that principle to things like desserts etc.


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It does make you feel completely in control. And bearing in mind i've still be cooking for my OH, even tho i've always really liked the food I've been making - I've never lost it and devoured it!! But of course, I've been eating too - my lovely salads and stir fries!!

When i decide i'm not "on" CD anymore - that's where the trouble starts. Why can't i just be happy with salads and stir fries - and maybe the odd jacket potato and omlette?? Why do i feel like I've got to have some garlic bread with it? It's like a switch gets turned on in my head and all rational thoughts and reasonable actions go out of the bloody window.

I always thought that I had no self control or willpower - but doing CD proves that I have it in bucketloads! So why do I do this to myself when i'm not on CD??

I need a shrink - and fast.
I always thought that I had no self control or willpower - but doing CD proves that I have it in bucketloads! So why do I do this to myself when i'm not on CD??

I need a shrink - and fast.
I was just reading through a load of e-newsletters that have been building up in my folder because i'm snowed in and am getting cabin fever and wanting to eat......

"There is a Native American folk tale that a grandfather is telling his grandson. The grandfather explains that he has two wolves inside of him. One wolf fills him with hope and reminds him how wonderful his life is, and the other fills him with doubt and convinces him that nothing is worth the effort. The grandson asks, concerned for his grandfather, "Which wolf will win?" The grandfather replies, "Whichever one I feed."

The two wolves inside of you are your positive motivations to lose weight versus your experience of powerlessness that leads to the uncontrollable urge to eat, and the overeating camp usually wins. Every time you overeat because you are feeling powerless, you reinforce your erroneous belief that you are powerless. You feed the wrong wolf.

No matter how hard you try to diet, no matter how sincere your promise to give up certain foods, you can't stop overeating for very long. When you do, you feel empty or anxious. Feelings of depression and boredom begin to creep in. As long as you remain unaware of the experience of powerlessness and how it's instantaneously transformed into the uncontrollable urge to eat, you can't change it.

Once you begin to look at the fact that overeating has served you in some way, you may be ready to see that the fact that you haven't been able to lose the weight you want has nothing to do with your willpower, and it isn't because you haven't found the right diet or the magic solution either. You haven't been able to lose the weight you want because eating has become an automatic soothing response to the stresses in your life.

The goal of change is for you to become mindful, conscious, observant and awake in order to find the pause between when you have one of the experiences of powerlessness and when you begin to overeat. It's only in that space that you can begin to change your emotional eating pattern. Because it happens so quickly, you are not even aware at this point that you are making a decision. But you are. You need to learn how to slow things down by looking at the gap between the experience of powerlessness and the uncontrollable urge to eat in great detail, giving you the opportunity to make a different decision and stop sabotaging your success.

Lots of points in your message have resonated with me.

The feelings of complete powelessness is overwhelming on times. And it's just like I really really don't care what I'm doing to myself. Nobody else cares (i know there's people who do care!) so why should I care?

Crappy, rubbish feelings.

I always said that I don't need a diet class - I need a therapist.
The wolf idea is very similar to the the terminology my therapist uses with me about my "sober" self and my "addict" self and the cycle of addiction (attached).... once you have gone from the "pre-occupation" stage (which could last days, hours or minutes) to the "behaviour/act" stage the behaviour is impossible to stop (like the alcohol holding the glass of alcohol and not being able to stop drinking it).


Serendipity .. sorry for hi-jacking your thread
Don't be daft laydees! Thanks for all the advice and your thoughts ... think i will give SS+ a try I'm not doing very well on 810 for some reason - maybe I am not eating or drinking enough

S xoxo
I'm not doing very well on 810 for some reason - maybe I am not eating or drinking enough

S xoxo

Are you keeping a food diary to track and make sure you are doing what you "think" you are doing? Also are you guesstimating your portions or have you weighed them out etc?
so i am having 3 sachets and a meal...last night i had a tin of tuna (in water) and 2 eggs ( could not be bothered to cook!!:) and 3 litres of water.
Other times i usually weigh food.

Any ideas? is that correct?
S xoxo


Slowly but surely x
i think you are having 1 egg to many.

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