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Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by quaile, 25 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. quaile

    quaile Member

    Hi everyone,

    Just found out this week that we are allowed balsamic vinegar!?! This is amazing on salads!
    Are we allowed other zero calorie salad dressings?

    Also does anyone have any good ideas for the plus meal in the evening?


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    THAI CHILLI Full Member

    My consultant told me that it only balsamic vinegar only that is allowed
  4. quaile

    quaile Member

    Thank you.

    Made an amazing dinner tonight!

    Oven baked portobello mushrooms stuffed with cottage cheese. One of the mushrooms had spring onion and chives and the other had piri seasoning and garlic granules. Tasted amazing!!

    THAI CHILLI Full Member

    That sounds yummy ....
  6. Theresa1966

    Theresa1966 Silver Member

    Sounds yummy I am going onto SS+ this week after 4 weeks on SS I would also be interested to hear of ideas for meals!
  7. quaile

    quaile Member

    I find SS+ so much easier dont think I could do SS again. Still managed to lose 30lb still have another 70lb to go to get to my goal weight but am sticking to it :) have you already started SS+
    How did you find the 4 weeks with just shakes?

    My other half is also on the diet so its makes it easier for me. He loves prawns so buys cooked ones, mixes it with chilli and garlic granules and has that with fresh spinach and spring onions. I love to dry fry my chicken and with lots of different seasonings and have that with fresh spinach and balsamic vinegar.
  8. hopefull 2012

    hopefull 2012 Full Member

    I've been doing stuffed peppers, YUM

    Also been making my own tzatziki dip, has a bit of lemon juice in it (naughty) but with milk allowance I just use a ft free yoghurt. Dip bits of chicken in it, awesome
  9. Starlit_Cazza

    Starlit_Cazza Restart 3/9/2013

    Can you have peppers on SS+? I would be surprised if you could?
  10. hopefull 2012

    hopefull 2012 Full Member

    Not sure, I'm on 810, I think the foods are the same though just different amounts. Green pepper is allowed on 810
  11. Kimboowee

    Kimboowee Silver Member

    I'm doing ss+ and have been sticking to salads mainly. Need some new ideas!
  12. BluebellMunro

    BluebellMunro Member

    Try chicken, pepper and garlic skewers!

    Grill/Dry fry your chicken (cut into bite size chunks)

    Then add a few cloves of garlic

    Add in 80g of green pepper (chopped into 2/3inch squares)

    Sprinkle over any herbs n spices - paprika is lovely!

    Once all cooked, put on a couple of bamboo skewers.

    Enjoy :)

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