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Sole Source Plus - started today


The Diet Guy
Hi Petal

I see a lot of clients who do a mix of either SS or SS+ and the losses are very similar so panic not.

It is a great way to reduce your weight so well done and enjoy the ride to slimdom.



I'm in week 4 of SS+ and find it great.

I take 2 shakes and 1 bar a day plus a 200cal meal (green and white) which consists of:

one portion of:

120g chicken or turkey breast without skin
190g cod, haddock or other white fish
250g steamed tofu or 200g quorn
180g tuna in water
225g cottage cheese (reduced fat)

and one portion (approx. 2 tablespoons) of the following:

Green salad leaves
Celery, cucumber or red radishes
Courgettes or marrow
Broccoli, cauliflower or any cabbage, even pickled
Spinach, kale, turnip or taro tops
Asparagus, fennel or celeriac
Chinese leafy greens (pak choi or chinese cabbage)

I find that it's less restrictive, as I can eat a meal with OH in the evening as well as having a shake for desert! I usually have the bar (only one a day) at lunchtime, as it's handy to have in your bag - and no blender required!

Hope this helps!


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I started SS+ 4 days ago and already my clothes feel loose and 2 tops that were really tight last week now fit. So on the SS+ plan the weight just drops off the same as it would on the SS plan.:)
hey, i started ss+ on sunday and am sticking with it till this sunday then moving back to ss..

think it gives us a kick start in weight loss aswel :) stick with it hun xx


Fed up of being fat
I started ss+ on Wednesday, I may eventually go down to ss but I'll see how it goes?
hiya im new to this i was on ss but had to stop a few wks ago as i had a family tradgedy i found it quiete diffivult and was thinking of trying ss + insted this time round is it right that the weight loss is about the same as on the ss
I have a tiny tupperware box (0.25litre) which I fill full of chicken and that's 120g.
Generally I get a pack of chicken from somewhere which is 120/240g and then it's easy :p

Losses on SS+ I found were the same as SS.


in this to win!..
Hi saneasineverwas, i think you can do a mix of the two diet plans as long as you stick to the portion limit rules (and content).

Not sure on the eggs?
I'm on SS, my cdc said that i should have 4 packs a day for 4 days then the 5th onwards i can have a small tin of fish, you know the little tins you can buy. The protein will help as my working life is fairly physically demanding.

Does this mean I'll be on SS+?? Not sure, I'll have to contact my cdc now to find out.

I do remember her telling me that if i had to eat something out of desperation then eggs was one of the items, but to make up for it over the next few days..

As it is I'm on day 4 now and the thought of a little tin of fish tomorrow makes my mouth water!! lol

I'm finding it quite hard not eating, but topping up on water and trying to take my mind of it is helping.
No eggs, this is not the atkins diet, eggs contain carbs, or the yolk does, if you are on SS+ and you need to eat, get some green crispy salad or some chicken, and stick with it, come the 3rd week you can have the chocolate bars, and they are gorgeous!

***I guess really it depends on what your CDC says, as Martin maybe allowed eggs due to him being a male LOL, but i guess it depends like i said above, as i was told no eggs***
Thanks for that. I have ordered some bars, but im going to try and keep them just for when I cant make shakes at work (this is because I dont want to become too used to chocolate!) Anyway I dont mind not having eggs as long as I can eat something when im very hungry/ feeling sick. Not sure I actually want to do SS+ full time, just every now and then. Thanks fof the idea - MME how are you finding food without salt? Im not a great salt eater but I cant imagine not putting salt to season chicken or fish.
Why can't you add salt?
Also, on SS+ could you mix the skimmed milk and meal? For example could you have half of the day's milk allowance along with half of the day's food allowance.
It would be great for me as I could have my morning cuppa, a coffee in the afternoon and then a small meal at tea time.

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