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  1. lou1978

    lou1978 Full Member

    I know its not advisable BMI should be over 25 e.t.c, however I would like to know officially what would happen if a person SS'ed till goal or very close then maintained. And if anyone has done this and kept the weight off with no ill effects.
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  3. Hedgehog

    Hedgehog Gold Member

    It would put you at risk of heart problems because under 25 BMI your body wouldnt have enough fat stores for ketosis to automatically burn fat and it would also burn protein from muscle stores, your heart and other vital organs are muscle.

    This might not be something you would notice until it was too late, and you cannot replace muscle. You really should move up to at least 810, the losses are not quite those on SS but they are about 2lbs a week.
  4. Nade

    Nade Full Member

    I have wonderd about this too. Previously I have been on LL and on that program you SS until at goal. I have always wondered what the difference is?
  5. Camilla

    Camilla Silver Member

    I was really DISAPPOINTED with my CDC at yesterday's weigh in! Orginally I thought I would SS until I reached a BMI of 24?! Then having joined the forum and reading about the body then eating muscle rather than fat if you SS'ed below a BMI of 25 got me thinking really hard about it all and the conclusion I reached as that I would follow the CD to the letter!!! It really hit home last week when a friend passed away in her sleep having had a heart attack(in her 30's). So you can imagine MY TOTAL DISBELIEF when my CDC advised me to SS until I was within 4lbs of my goal weight and then just to have an add a meal week to shift the remaining weight?! This advice is most definitely potentially putting people's lives/health at risk all for the CDC earning £38.00 per week? TRAINING I think is needed.............. especially as she herself followed the CD to lose 3.5 stone she knows how the CD works! I left her kitchen totally incensed that she could be encouraging me to SS until I reach a BMI of 21!!! I really wondered if she continued to SS until she reached her goal (Her choice) or whether it was her clients money she wanted for as long as possible?! However, she chose to follow the CD is most definitely up to her BUT to be paid to supply and give people advice it should be the CORRECT ADVICE AND TO THE letter?!
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  6. cherylxx

    cherylxx Silver Member

    CD sole source
    hi camilla,
    u know how i feel about her crazy advice yesterday but im very glad to see u posted it on here.
    will be waiting patiently to see what other CDC's say about the outrageous advice.
    Have a great SS day :D
  7. fatpossum

    fatpossum Silver Member

    I do not advocate doing SS below BMI 25 but I do think that we get into a lot of scare-mongering on the matter of VLCDs.

    Basically when we get into ketosis we are in a state of 'managed starvation' and that is how we lose weight fast.

    But look at all of the people who live with 'unmanaged starvation' and go on for years and years and years e.g. POWs in WWII, hostages, famine stricken countries - they are starved and recover. Indeed research would indicate that periods or starvation can be beneficial - the development of the JUDD Diet is evidence of this.

    My point is that we are resiliant and getting our panties (or boxers) into a twist about wasted heart muscle is not helpful.

    Look at all of those who live with anorexia for years and then go on to recover (I know that people die too) - so let's all be careful and follow the rules but let's not frighten ourselves and eachother - so many of us are just waiting for any excuse to pack it in - don't let an anecdotal health scare provide us with yet another reason.
  8. Camilla

    Camilla Silver Member

    We are NOT talking about ANYTHING Else on this thread apart from the Cambridge Diet and Sole Sourcing and the Cambridge rules for this are in Black and White and for all to read, NO SS below a BMI of 25.

    PS NO one is scaremongering just stating FACTS!
  9. fatpossum

    fatpossum Silver Member

    OOOOOH Camilla,

    Have I upset you? That certainly wasn't the intention.
  10. Kira

    Kira Gold Member

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    I was told I could carry on SS until I had BMI of 22 because I am Asian. I know the CD leaflet makes some reference to Asian's being able to have a lower BMI (or some reference to be of Asian origin). I don't suppose your CDC said you could continue to a lower BMI on SS because that reason? Just a thought.
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