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  1. lou1978

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    I know its not advisable BMI should be over 25 e.t.c, however I would like to know officially what would happen if a person SS'ed till goal or very close then maintained. And if anyone has done this and kept the weight off with no ill effects.
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  3. Mary Poppins

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    This is only my opinion!but as someone working through the stages I think they are really important for retraining your eating habits and for long term weight stabalisation!
    I also have noticed that people who stay on SS with too low a BMI tend to find their weight loss slows down as their bodies go into starvation mode.I have found my weight loss has slowed to about half a stone a month while working up,so I'm still losing well and to be honest..people notice these half stones so much more.
    Having done SS for 20+ weeks I think it is a wonderful tool for losing weight,but I am determined that it was a once in a lifetime thing and I am not going to be a yoyo dieter from now on.Learning to change your eating habits is just as important as you near goal
  4. westiegirl

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    I did LL first time around and their programme allowed us to "SS" all the way to goal - but that was with regular (4 weekly) medical checks, so it isn't detrimental to your health - if agreed by a medical professional.

    If you're following CD you really need to follow their programme - the rules are made for a reason.

    However I think that the maintenance stage of whatever programme you follow is the most important part. I moved house and couldn't do maintenance so put on half my weight again. This time I'm following CD and fully intend to work up the stages.
  5. clairelesley

    clairelesley Fairy Princess to Be

    Have to confess to being a bit curious about this one myself - as Westie says you can abstain to goal on LL then you still HAVE to do the maintenance bit, working up the plans, the idea being that you're slowly reintroducing your glycogen stores so that over the 12 week period your weight will overall stabilise.
    There doesn't seem to be anything specific in the NICE guidelines, technically now anyone on SS is under clinical supervision and the 'Weight Care with Cambridge' booklet still does not contain any guidance on when you should/must start moving up the plans. Quite to the contrary, it only says you must AAM after 12 weeks and can then go back onto SS 'if you have further weight to lose' for up to another 12 weeks, ad infinitum.
    This issue has been raised before yet, despite having the perfect opportunity to clarify things when the plans were updated and the documents republished, this hasn't happened so I'm a bit unclear as to why not? Unless, it's because the thinking on it is still being revised also?
  6. Dancing

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    it says very clearly in the books that you SS/SS+ until BMI 25 and not below. No question.

    I'm not going to get into a discussion as to why you can on LL with doctors guidance and why you can't on CD which doesn't have the monthly doctor visits. I think it is kind of out of place to be talking about doing something other than what is in the CD plans on the newly developed 100% CD forum.
  7. clairelesley

    clairelesley Fairy Princess to Be

    Sure, my point was that I can't see WHERE it says this in any of the material I have, or in the NICE Regulations

    Edit: NM, found it, was obviously speed-skimming too quickly before (for ref, indications on pgs 8 & 12 of Sole Source book.
  8. sassey50kg

    sassey50kg determined to be thin!

    I am planning to ss all the way to my goal weight (which is lower than BMI 25) I think loads of people on CD do, esp those with not too much to lose. The way your CDC still sells you 3 packs a day til you hit goal, which is open to abuse (if CD was really serious about not allowing you to SS to goal, surely the next plan up would only involve 2 packs, and larger meals/snacks?)
    My personal opinion is that if I dont feel any side effects under BMI 25 then why not ss to goal?
    The healthy BMI range is so vast, it is just an indicator, a general tool. I know quite a few of my friends that dont fit into the range (they are classed over-weight or under-weight when they are really healthy, their docs/gym instructors always tell them that the BMI is only a really basic guide.)
    Please dont be mean to me, I am just being honest, this is a forum.
  9. jennikay

    jennikay Gold Member

    810 has three packs and (AFAIK) can be followed to goal. :)

    And from what I've heard, alot of people's losses slow down near goal, but speed up when they move up a plan.
  10. goolian

    goolian Fab & Fit For Florida

    Slimming World
    good post sassy... everyone is entitled to their opinions and you are only being honest...

    fab weightloss chick... well done x
  11. sassey50kg

    sassey50kg determined to be thin!

    thanks goolian, youre not doing too badly yourself!
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