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Hi guys this is the 1st time I've ever done a food replacement diet. My 1st week I was HUNGRY all the time now I'm not and finding it dare I say it easyish how ever I just want to know what everyone thinks of me cutting down to 2shakes and having a meal in the evening? Considering I'm only in week 2?! Or should I stick at SS for as long as possible?!
Any advise greatly welcome

Hope your all having a good new year

Katy xx
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Hi Katy

How much do you have to lose?

If you still have a long way to go, and you're finding it relatively easy, then I would stick to SSing until you are closer to goal, then move up the steps.

However, if for any reason you would prefer to start eating, those on the 810 plan seem to still have great losses. You'd need go check, but I think 810 still involves three shakes, but you can also add a meal from a limited list of ingredients.


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*giggle* There was me thinking this was a thread about some new yummy southern-style food dressing we were allowed on CD... Oh the disappointment!

I agree with Jayelle - as you're sailing through the SSing at the moment I think it would be a good idea to stick with it for the time being and maybe discuss with your Cambridge Counsellor your date for moving up to the SS+ / 810 plans. I guess the main thing for me would be that once you start eating again you may find you slip out of ketosis and then not find it so easy anymore... although many people do still have great losses on 810 :)


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@jayellekay I was 15.8stone when I started I'm now 14.13stone ( 1st week) as I'm only 5foot tall I'm meant to be between 7.8-9.2 however I'm going on clothe sizes I'm currently 18-20 bottoms 16-18 tops I'd like to be 14-16 bottoms 12-14 tops. I've always been bigger even as a child so I hope I can finally loose it all and keep it off. My biggest problem is I'm impatient I want to be wake up tomorrow and be my ideal size, clearly not going to happen so just trying to get best advice on How long I should stay on SS. For or if the next steps have as good a lose as I do miss eating with my kids?! Xx


this time - the last time
S: 16st6lb C: 11st10lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 32 Loss: 4st10lb(28.7%)
Katy - we are quite similar. I am also (almost) 5ft! Our BMI weight range always seems crazy to me! I am a size 12 when I'm 10 stone (or I used to be 10 years ago, so I have no idea how a size 12 can really be 12lbs over BMI 25.

I have a bit more than you to lose - my start weight was 16st 6lbs.

The longest you can do SS for is 12 weeks, then you have to do a 810 week. You can go back to SS if you choose.

If you're missing out on meal times then maybe 810 is for you. Alternatively I know some people on here prepare a SS soup for dinner and eat that with their family.

You should do whatever you are comfortable with, otherwise it might be harder to stick with it!

Good luck!


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Sorry to be the party pooper here but if you cant fit in 3 shakes how could you do 2 and a meal. Makes no sense to me?

You must have 3 a day or you wont be getting your daily allowance of vitamins and minerals. The meal does not provide sufficient nutrients to drop it even on the 810. The 810 plan is eating even more 3 shakes a day, a meal (bigger than ss plus) and 340mls of skimmed milk. The only thing is this step is not based on Ketosis so eating so little soon after starting the plan without ketosis may make you feel very hungry again. As someone said above.

So all Id say is make sure you have your 3 a day. If not you may get dreaded side effects as your body becomes malnourised. Having less does not speed your weight loss in any way either.

Becky. x

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too true becky.

you must have your 3. 810 is 3, a meal and milk, 1000 is even more. ss is really the lowest amount of 'food' you get.

having 2 a day would only lead to smaller losses as your body will try to grab onto everything that goes in your mouth. it could affect your metabolic rate by the end of your diet. this would end up with you gaining more quickly when you come off plan at any point in time.

don't mess with your body.


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Hi Katy,

Welcome to the forum and CD.

I can only agree with what the others have posted:

If the SS is working for you -- then stick with it for the 12 weeks and do an 810 week.

If the 810 week seems to be a "better" week -- then at that point stay 810.

If you found it difficult (I have issues with portion control, myself), then go back to SS.

(Then rinse and repeat! ;) )

Good Luck -- you CAN do this!!!

My CDC says I shud have all 3 shakes regardless as they contain all the nutrients your body needs in a day. I was a little unsure of ketosis because I don't feel hungry regardless of whether I SS or not. She put things into perspective - before my body fat is used up the food will be used. This results in less weight loss regardless of whether the meal is low calorie high in protein. Stating the obvious but made me think long and hard.