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Solution to Slimming World Plateau?


I started Slimming World 20/04/2010, since then I have lost 2 Stone and 10lbs, I am VERY happy with that loss, and since I'm a 6ft 2in man (relatively muscular from working out a lot for the last 10 years) I'm thinking that I am pretty near my target as I've gone from 17st 9lbs to 14st 13lbs.

Here's my question, have other people approaching their target found it really hard to make any progress? I seem to have plateaued at the moment. I'd like to lose another 4 or 5 lbs and call it a day, then start the 'maintaining game'. I'm VERY active and am involved in lots of sports, which I think is the reason for my success. However, while I'm on a roll, I don't want to declare target until I feel a little leaner, also I'm worried about putting it back on, so I'd rather trim up just a bit more.

Have people got advice for those on a plateau and those who are very near to target? Any ideas would be appreciated.


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Well done Carvs, what plan are you following? Ive been doing SW since March 2010, only lost 3llb, strict vegetarian, and following the green plan. I also love my training, try to change your routine, for example try a diffrent method, kettlebells, interval training..I change my routines every 4/5 weeks,or even training diffrent times of the day as this approach 'tricks' your body its doing something diffrent, I train 2x a day, and do a power walk of 5/6 miles 5 x a week. I am really struggling with losing weight, but give it a try and see how you go. good luck. Take a look at sky active channel 281
I have been on the extra easy plan for the most part. It seems to have served me well. I have finally come to rest at a target now, I lost a few more lbs since I last posted on here and have decided to call it a day in terms of actively trying to lose weight is concerned. I wouldn't mind to further 'trim up' and work on getting a little leaner, but to be honest I don't think I have any more weight that I could easily lose; I'm now at about 14 stone 5lbs in the morning and around 14 stone 7lbs - 10lbs in the evening. If I keep the same exercise programme going then I imagine I'd lose another 2lbs or so but I'm guessing over a long period. My BMI still comes out on the heavy side, but that accounts nothing for muscle mass and the fact that I am fairly broad. All I can say is that I've gone from an XL to an M in most things.

Thanks for your advice on tricking the body etc. I think I will give some of that a go. I guess the reason why I was finding it more difficult was because I was very close to where I need to be and it is harder when you're there. Slimming World as be a total success and complete revolution for me.

Good luck Louella with your fitness etc and thanks for the response.

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