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Some advice from you guys?

Hiya all!

I posted yesterday about quitting. Well I feel upset about my decision lol, especially cos when I have gotten up this morning and looked into the mirror I noticed a difference,

I've been trying to think of ways to try and make this diet work for me and I think I have an idea but would like your advice on whether this wll still give me a weight loss or not.

I was thinking of sticking to SS during the week which I find easy because of work and generally keeping myself busy. The bit I find difficult is weekends, I love going round family friends, going for something to eat and this was my downfall. I got so desperate yesterday I actually had something really unhealthy. Anyway my idea for the weekends is do do SS+aam. So on the weekends I have a low carb meal.

Will this still result in weightloss? I am going to see my CDC on Monday still to get weighed although not too hopeful of a big loss due to yesterdays feast :sigh: do you think this is something I can do? I heard some of you say you either d SS or you don't so thats why i'm asking.

Thanks again
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Thanks Spooky, I was goin to discuss options with cdc yes.

What do people think about just the weekend thing? I don't particularly need a meal during the week?
I think you will still lose weight but slowly. In one way its a bit of a waste of money. Also, if you are going to be eating carbs at the weekend, then you are going to hit the same exhaustion around wed/thurs/fri.. is that so fair on yourself. Having said that, there was a woman on here (she may come on to give you advice herself) who I recall saying did the exact same thing, she had older children who came home for the weekends and she ate very healthy and low carb then. Best of luck whatever you decide. One thing for sure, its not the easiest of diets, but the results are quick if you are willing to stick it out.


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What do people think about just the weekend thing? I don't particularly need a meal during the week?
I don't know about you, but personally I'd find that really hard going.. I know your plan is to follow the cambridge thing at the weekend, but I think the temptation would be there to just say "I'm having the weekend off".. which many people do every now and then with no bother, but if it was every weekend that's probably not so good!!

I'd seriously consider 810, have your small meal every night and get used to the portion control while still being allowed to enjoy a bit of food..


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If it helps you and you still lose weight then go for it. Give it a go and see what happens. x


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I found SS easy for first 6 weeks when weight loss was rapid. On week 10 now. At work i have no problem with SS and lots of water but really need to eat at tea time which i think is more mind over matter than anything. For the last couple of weeks i have been having green salad or courgettes with cottage cheese (if you follow 810 its more than a tub you can have in one go) and this has filled me up then i have my 3rd CD in the evening. I lost 3lbs first week i did this and i feel i should get 2 or 3 again this week. 2 or 3lbs doesnt sound much by CD but its still a lot of weight to consistently lose every week.
Hope this helps and keep checking the mirror to see the changes especially in your skin tone. I've lost the bags under my eyes for the first time in years.
Best of luck:eek:


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Hi Sweetcheeks,

Sorry you're feeling down. Why not try SS+? You can eat a small meal every day along with 3 shakes/soups a day. Weight loss about the same as SS.
Speak to your CDC. I'm on my 3rd week and have lost over a stone. I have to say knowing that i can eat a tin of tuna and some green veg or a small spiced up chicken breast etc does help and keeps me sane!!

Good luck:D
I also find it really hard at weekends- I either sit like a hermit on my own or go out and be fairly miserable whilst everyone else has a pig out!! Tricky....
I have done this on many weekends & as long as you go back on durring the week, you will still lose weight at a steady pace. Works for me anyhow.


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Hi sweetcheeks,

so glad you're back. I too was considering the same thing but what I might do is shakes/soups in week, with shakes/soups and protein and veg at wk ends in evening then i have something to look forward to.

Im going to ask tmw and see what my counsellor thinks, but this would def stop me quitting (my light at the end of the tunnel).

Good luck and keep posting.



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Hi sweetcheeks :)
Im sorry to hear your finding it tough..
I think you got to do whats right for you.
But personally i dont think i could do it.. i know if i start eating again anything at all i wont stop there!
Im actually dreading the AAM week...
I wondered weather you have to do it or not?
Im like im on a uni cycle and if i get off.. it'll take me forever to get back on!!
But you may well be able too... good luck in whichever you decide and keep posting Donna :wavey:
Im actually dreading the AAM week...
I wondered weather you have to do it or not?
Yes you have to do but only after completing 12 weeks SS rather than on the 5th week :)

Hope that helps


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Yes you have to do but only after completing 12 weeks SS rather than on the 5th week :)

Hope that helps
Thank you very much.. :)
Yes it does help.. i feel better now, im sure by the time im at week 13 i will be able to control things.. well im hoping! lol

Donna xx

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