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Some advice please??


Crawling to the finish!
I went on holiday and gained 2lbs this saturday. I had a night out sat so sat and sun spent eating rubbish, i got back on track monday. Im actually stuffing my face with super free. Would you guys use your syns, or stay clear until im into saturday weigh in?? I want to hopefully lose weight still :0(
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I was in a similar situation as you are last week, but i couldn't go to weigh in because I was unwell. I went a little off track and fell off the wagon because i wasnt feeling myself, but since the weekend I've been good and dropped my syns down to a max of 5 a day and ate very healthy. My weigh in, is in the morning so we will see how I go. If I gain I gain to be honest, I did go off the rails and didn't choose sensible choices so if i gain it's because I deserve it.
Were only human at the end of the day! Your back on track now which is great.

I'd still have a few syns a day and fill up healthy foods if I was you.

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Slow and steady...
I had a few bad days at the beginning of last week (I WI on Tuesday). I decided to limit myself to 5 syns a day and this week I lost 2.5lbs :)

Don't cut out syns entirely but do reduce them to about 4/5/6

I would limit myself as much as poss TBH - others will disagree & say to draw a line, but then i'd see it as just trying to be 100% from here in. Some members save their syns weekly to allow for weekend binges, so I guess its similar :)


I see the light!
Heya, I cut down as low as possible, but not totally. I still use for things within meals, but not for treats, I make sure I eat plenty of superfree and drink plenty of water

Helen xxx
Yeah I agree with the majority here - restricting too much might make you feel deprived. I call it the "All or nothing approach" and I think that is the reason why I weigh the same as I did 10 years ago even though I have been on a diet the entire time (apparently)!
My advice would be to keep above 5 syns a day. I have gone off the rails on several occasions and apart from last week with a sts, I have always lost and that is getting back on plan and still having 10-15 syns. I do stick to all red days now though as it works best for my me.


Crawling to the finish!
Thanks for the advice, i think ill stick to 5syns a day :0) i nearlu caved today and i think its cause im missing a treat! Thanks :0)

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