Some exciting news!


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Just wanted to say hi and to let my MM friends know we're emigrating to Texas!

It's all a bit of a whirl-wind this end as it was only discussed on Friday (my husband has been offered a fantastic promotion) and confirmation of the offer came through late last night.

So we're off .. to the land of huge meals and even bigger people! God help us when we go out to eat!!!

So much to sort out this end, but it's going to be sooner rather than later we move .. they want him to start on 1st March! :eek:

I'll probably stay behind for a while to tie up loose ends and probably finish my college course, so I'll be around for a bit, but not for long!

Mandana x
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Hi Kazz, yep, very excited! Also nervous about sorting it all out, and very, very sad to be leaving my job. Handed my notice in this afternoon (less than 24 hours from finding out!) and nearly blubbed. :cry:

It's going to be a bit like this when we leave :wave_cry:

Same time it's a fantastic opportunity - one not to be missed.

Mr Mandana was on a high until he broke the news to his eldest daughter. She was a bit upset to say the least, so it's put a dampener on his night out (work). She'll come round .. just need to tell his youngest daughter now, and then the rest of our family & friends!

Mandana x


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Oh wow

Mandana - how exciting is that - congratulations to Mr Mandana :p hopefuly his younger daughter takes the news better than the older one..

Ooooh and I'll have a regular supplier of big red - how exciting lol:D :D :D :D :D :D

Don't forget to keep in touch with us - don't think we have anyone from texas on board at the mo! :D

Have a nice day now!!


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Hi Geri! Yep, I'll be your official Big Red supplier!

No, youngest daughter took it even worse :( :( :(

She was upset that he hadn't consulted either of them before he made the decision, but as he explained to her, the call came at 11 pm last night (from Houston), he then rang me, we talked, we then talked again first thing this morning (by phone as he's away on business which makes it all that more difficult) and then they were pressing him for a decision.

He accepted the job without telling me he would as we were going to leave it until he gets home tomorrow night .. but they wanted to make a big announcement today, so that was that!

So it was all done and dusted within 10 hours - not even work hours!

His girls are 23 and 26 with settled lives of their own. He turned down the opportunity to go 3 times before with his girls and ex-wife, so wasn't going to do that again.

Anyway, they'll come round. We'll probably spend more quality time with them when we come back to the UK to visit and when they come to stay with us. And it's only for 2/3 years - not forever!

Right, bed for me as I only had a few hours last night. Zzzzz!

Mandana x


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Mandana.....what fantastic news!!! It must've been a shock though!!

Congrats to you and Mr Mandana....but please don't leave the boards, hun...:D


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That's amazing!!!

Things like this usually happen only once in a lifetime, so you have to grab them with both hands! It's incredible that he's declined the invitation before and the offer keeps on coming, so it's meant to be!!!!

It would be great if you could start a diary about your life over there! I know everyone would be fascinated!!!




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Diva, I'll probably be online more than I am now, especially when we first move and I'll know no-one! OH will be at work all day, so I won't have anyone to talk to! Be prepared to keep me company :eek:

Isobel, you're right, it is meant to be! Having a reality check this morning though and it's beginning to sink in. Had a few :cry:

OH's daughters were upset when he told them last night, and I guess that's made it harder.

Mandana x


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Ahh mandana -enjoy it!!god i miss the states!!kraft macaroni and cheese lol id give anything for it best friend lives in Tx too...enjoy the malls!!! :D


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I think it is so very exciting and I wish you all the best with your new adventure.

Congratulations to Mr. Mandana on his promotion.

What is meant for you will not pass you by!

As you say it is not forever!!! Sounds like a brill opportunity:)

Love Mini xxx


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You'll soon make friends, hun - it'll be so terribly exciting but I can understand you might have mixed feelings right now.

Wish it was me! Do you need a housekeeper? LOL


Fabulous news - you gotta try all that life throws at you - if you do not like it - you just come back!
But sure you will love it!
Good luck with all the preparation & you had better stay on minimins you will need us to keep you "Food Focussed"


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Aww thanks girls :)

We've been sorting dates and it looks like Mr M will go out beginning of April and I'll join him after my college course which completes in June.

Thinking of vacating this house lock, stock & barrel by end March, so a new family can move in over Easter. I'll live with Mum, or rented (we might kill each other!) until I leave, and Mr M will do the same over there, and then we'll move into our new home (yet to be found) when I join him.

Now it's sunk in and becoming real, I'm getting excited! :)

And of course I'll still be online, so I'll be in touch :p

Off to the Lake District now for a long weekend with BIL & his family. Will break the news to them later. Kids will be upset :cry:

Mandana x


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WOW thats such great news and an amazing opportunity!!! I really wish i could move away from England....
I hope you have a great time over there...and remember that im only a plane ride away if you need company!!!

Keelie xx


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Oh Mandana!! What a fantastic opportunity for you both! Big hugs and congratulations to you both!!


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How did BIL take your news ????

LOL .. they already knew!!!!

We got there on Friday, and had decided to tell Mr Mandana's brother, sister and their OHs over dinner, but after we'd told Mr M's Mum & Dad last week, FIL was so shocked, excited for us and sad, he needed to talk, so got on the phone and told them!!!

I was a bit gutted to be honest, as we really wanted to break the news to them ourselves, but it was fine. They're all really happy for us and can't wait to visit. BIL said he'd send us his kids for the 6 weeks in the summer! As if! :eek: :D