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Some info for a possible starter?!

Hi there,
I found this website tonight and have found it really helpfull so far!
I'm almost sure about starting lighter life but have been slightly scared off by some reveiws on other sites so I just wanted opinions of those who are already doing the plan.

I am 21 years old and find it very hard to loose ANYTHING!! no matter how much I try. I want to be able to wear what I want when I want especially as i've stared a new job and can afford it now. :)

I wanted to know if the whole hair loss thing is true or I'd anyone has had this experience whilst on LL??

Please put my mind at rest so I can just start the plan and be skinny!

Nade x:confused:
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Hi Nade, i am about to start LL too next week hopefully. I too found this forum by accident and have spent quite a bit of time reading everyones questions and comments. I have found it brilliant getting everyone take on it and it certainly made my mind up to do it. You will get great support on here by people who are already having great success i wish you luck .
Hello both xx
I did LL last year for 3 months lost 4 stone :) slipped off the plan at Christmas/met a new man who didn't approve of my total abstinence so I caved in and ate ... new man now gone :) I am a restarter yesterday, I am back on the plan from today LL is the best total food replacement program in my opinion as it is the CBT ( therapy) that makes you re train your brain while you are loosing weight, I had no problems with hair loss last year, the only problem I had was constipation I had fybogel from my gp sugar free lemon and lime I took two a day and problem sorted I lost on average 6 -7 per week at first then after about 6 weeks it went to 4 lbs x hope this helps you both Sandra
Hi Sandra, great to hear your story, I get so excited everytime i hear how well everyone has done, it gives me real hope. You had amazing losses last time and i am sure you can do it again. keep in touch and let me know what happens i find all these stories so inspiring and i am sure we can all help each other through the tough days Lorraine
for me personally the first 3 days were the worst once I was in ketosis I was never hungry, my problem was always going to the toilet hence the fybogel but once I was taking that no problem, just make sure you get your fluids in at least 3 litres - taken slowly over the day not all in one go xx you will be great I am sure xx
I've been on LLT for 8 weeks and have lost 40lbs. This is the first diet that I have committed to 100%. Did WW a couple of times but when left to my own devices where food choices were concerned I was hopeless. The great thing about LLT is that it takes away the worry/stress/food decisions/calorie counting which come with some other diets. If your 100% the weight will literally drop off you. I've had no hair loss, and no other symptoms, everyone is different but I haven't experienced any side effects. Don't forget drink plenty of water!! Good luck on your journey
Hi Nade. Welcome to the forum! Hair loss is a common side effect of lighter life and usually happens when you begin to eat again. 'Hair loss' is a terrible phrase though and suggests you'll go bald. I did lose hair, as do most people, but it is just a case of it thinning a little, not all falling out! It's different for everyone. Some people don't lose any at all. Mine just got a bit thinner for about a month once I began eating again but it's now back to full thickness. It's not something to worry about and is a minor incovenience on the road to being the size you want to be!
p.s. The bottom picture of me on my profile is when my hair was at it's 'worst' in terms of volume so you can see, I've still got a full head of hair!
Hi Fatat40, 40 lb in 8 weeks how amazing is that !! I am very reasured by all members who say after ketosis kicks in you are not hungry too many people say it for it not to be true. I can not wait to get started next week reading all these posts makes me feel i am being handed a miracle as long as i stick to it 100%. Well done to you. Lorraine
Hi Sandra, Thanks for tips, i know water is vital to success and to reduce headaches etc. I am usually ok with water i find drinking the small 500ml bottles easier than a bigger bottle or a glass dont know why all in the head i guess. Been to Tesco and stocked up in preperation, also bought soda water which i was quite surprised to find i liked .How that will be on a night out i will have to wait and see guess i will be designated driver for a while !!
:) when I started last year the funniest thing was going to the pub and drinking pints of water - my friend was so embarrassed to ask for water for me she told the bar maid I was taking medication and i couldnt take alcohol...when I told the bar maid what I was doing she told my mate not to be so stupid...LOL why lie when she is trying to get her self fit :D 1 up for me
I admire your commitment its not always easy at social events but you show it can be done. I dont go out a massive ammount so am hoping i can cope. Still in two minds what to do about telling people what i am doing. I think if i announce it to the world i am more likely to stick to it knowing everyone will be watching me, usually i only tell people really close. What did you do ?
Rachel you are right - it should become known as hair shedding, not loss, as that is all it is - the NORMAL shedding of hair.

It just seems more dramatic because you do not shed hair while in ketosis. So what would have normally and naturally occired over a long period of time is fast tracked to happen in a short span of time to "cathc up" :)
I admire your commitment its not always easy at social events but you show it can be done. I dont go out a massive ammount so am hoping i can cope. Still in two minds what to do about telling people what i am doing. I think if i announce it to the world i am more likely to stick to it knowing everyone will be watching me, usually i only tell people really close. What did you do ?
Hi lozzer - I didn't tell anyone but my close family when I first started but within 2 weeks people were noticing the difference and if I'm asked I tell them! I was really worried at first as I hate justifying myself, but I've been pleasantly surprised at the lack of criticism of my decision to do this. I can tell that some disapprove but they don't go into it, possibly because of the way I tell them. The most negative comment so far has been "Oh well, if it's working for you................." I don't offer the info unless I'm asked though. Good luck, trust the programme and you'll be amazed and delighted at the results you achieve.
Hi Jules, if i am honest i disapproved for a while, a friend of a friend did it and because i had always done ww and sw i thought it totally unhealthy. Because i am no further on in my weight loss journey after wasting too many years going up and down and if i am honest because of Pauline Quirks success i looked into it deeper. All the people on this forum can not be wrong and are all living to tell the tale, i deciced i wanted to give it a go. Talking to other people on this website has been amazing and everyone is so up for it and supporting feels like i am part of a little family. Can not wait till i am posting my weight losses too !! lorraine
I've had no problems with hair loss at all - in fact my hair is thicker, shinier and stronger since I started LL! I think that's due to the fact I'm getting my full GDA of vitamins and minerals which I probably wasn't getting them beforehand!
Yeah you wont see any hair loss/shedding until you end the diet and start eating again. When the body finally realises the "drought" is over, functions all return to normal levels and shedding resumes. But thats all it is - is shedding, not losing.

That is when you see the sudden shedding, so during the diet your hair, skin and nails do show the benefit of 100% vitamins which is a great side effect. I find my fingernails get much stronger during this, and n doubt due to the good vitamin balance, etc.

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