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Some more adice please !!

Now at end of day two and so far so good no side effects but I guess that is because I am being so very good at the moment. I am still bit puzzled as to how this works does the tablet only work at the meal times you take it or is it in yor system al the time the reason I ask is what would happen if I had something in between meals ? If i did snack somethign I shouldn't would it be ok because i did not take a tablet at the same time I am kid of hoping it wont be as snackig has always been my downfall, also at the moment i am living on chicken and turkey breasts is tehre any other meat I can have what about really really lean mince with all the fat cooked out of it and drained off? or white fish ? And lean steak ? is any of that allowed? just trying to vary the diet a bit so I dont get too bored ? I assume cheese is completely out which is another of my passions that and crisps any ideas about pretzels? Ok lots of questions there I will get the hang of this soon I promise ! x
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Cheese is a no no.

Im not sure about other meats as i stick mainly to chicken. But i do eat a lot of quorn - mainly the mince which i use to make cottage pie, chilli or spag bol.

I think i saw a post on here (possibly jenjen but dont quote me!) saying that pretzels are ok.

Hope that helps


hoping for a good loss
I read a post a few days ago about fish and a lot of the oily fish will cause problems, even though they contain good fats. Cod is a good one to eat as low in fat. I am currently eating River Cobbler with cous cous for my lunch. This too is low in fat.

Will try find the thread and put it up here. I am also trying not to snack and if I need something then just having very low fat stuff.


hoping for a good loss
hi dalaney, i commented on your introduction post about snacking, saying that it's best to stick to low fat snacks, such as fruit, muller light yoghurts, jelly, angel delight, etc. i'm not 100% sure whether the tablets don't work on snacks, but i assume they might not, because the information sheet with them tells you to take it no more than an hour after food, otherwise it'll be too late and it won't work. i imagine it'll work up till an hour after you eat, then it'll stop working until the next one is taken with the next meal, but don't quote me on it! i might be wrong, but hopefully somebody will correct me if i am wrong.

as for any other kinds of meats, i've heard quorn mince is great for making bolognese dishes or chilis, and i think it's lower in fat than regular mince too. i've tried quorn burgers which were supposed to be like chicken, and they were really nice. they were a little over the 5g per 100g rule, i think they were about 7g of fat per 100g, but they had a lot less fat in than regular chicken burgers!

i read a topic about fish a while ago, and some people have said they get the side effects with fish and some people have said they're fine with it. somebody reccommended tuna steaks to me, a frozen bag of 4-6 steaks from aldi was £3.69, and you could choose between two different flavours. i got the lime and corriander flavoured tuna steaks, and i think they had less than 2g of fat per 100g, and they were really tasty too. i'm not a fish lover, but they were surprisingly good. i didn't have any side effects with them either.

i think you just need to try different foods to see what works well for you and what you need to avoid. it's all trial and error, and you'll soon know what you can eat a lot of, and what is going to give you the side effects.

good luck, and if you've got any more questions, ask away! :) x
Thank you all for that info its a great help Ihave found that home made ice lollies keep me on the straight and narrow at a night time I make them with pure grapefruit juice and just munch on 3 or 4 of them at night and t seems to keep me from snacking. great tip about the fish I will be trotting of to aldi this weekend and sticking up as i love fish I have also been checing out the weight watchers meals as well trouble is i think i am eating really really low fat but probably far to much so need to concentrate on the quantities and calories now as well It is all trial and error I know just dont fancy any big mistakes and the horrid consequences of it if I can hlp it. definately going to try the quorn mince as i have used that before in a half and half basis with real mince but love my chillies and spag bols so that will be great if i can still have them. have just discovered a taste for marmite as well which i think is ok to eat. Is is quite a voyage of discovery at the moment !!! shopping is taking me forever though as i religiously look at all the fat contents I swear everyone in tesco has worked out I am on some sort of diet especially as I race past the chocolate and crisp aisle in a desperate attemt not to even look at it !!! Ah the joys of slimming. Well life has given me many a mountain to climb but i thik this journey is going to be my Everest. Glad you are all on it with me x x x x
hi dalaney, ice lollies are great to snack on too, i buy lots of ice pops and eat those, there's no fat in them so they're guilt-free! i bought some smoothie ice lollies from morrisons, they were on offer, i think they were buy one get one free, and they're really nice too, less than 2g of fat per 100g i think.

if you like cold things, have you seen ben and jerry's frozen yoghurts? they're the same flavours as the ice creams but with a lot less fat in them. the cherry garcia is my favourite, but i haven't tried it yet. it's definitely under 5g per 100g, so i'm looking forward to getting some of that for a treat without even being naughty! lol. if you do try them, just make sure you pick up the frozen yoghurt ones (the ones with the blue lids) and not the actual ice cream ones!

i had a look at some of the weight watchers meals on tesco's website, and i noticed some of them are higher in fat than the reccommended 5g per 100g, so be careful to check before you buy anything!

shopping takes me aaages too, because i check every single label before it goes in my trolley. i've found it easier to check online before i go shopping as a lot of the food on the tesco website has the nutritional information listed, so i know before i go what i can definitely have. that way, it doesn't take as long as it used to, and i don't get as many stares from the staff when i'm standing there for hours reading labels! haha.

i agree it's a tough journey, but it's definitely going to be worthwhile in the end. we're all in the same boat, we'll all get to the top of the mountain in the end :) x
Hi Emma

I am definately going to try the frozen yogurts, i brought some of the weight watchers pizza's today they areincredibly low in fat only 4g for the whole pizza. My daughter and i try to go to the cinema once a week and usually have a bite to eat but this week we are getting a dvd and having te weight watcher pizza with a few low fat chips or some home made wedges and i even brought some weight watchers desserts so we may indulge in one of them see how we feel I dont have a particularly sweet tooth but i do enjoy the ocassioanl treat I haveno problem giving up the chocolate but I know I will find it hard not having cheese which is a passion of mine I have not been able to find an alternative for that one yet but maybe the pizza will satisfy my cheese craving. I think if i will be able to have the ocassional pizza from weight watchers I will be ok its when i deprive yourself of everything that i give in and i am determined not to give in this time. I havenever been this determined before.
Having a little bit of what you fancy every now and then isn't a problem, it's just making sure you stop at a little bit, and not ending up bingeing on too much of it! If you deprive yourself and cut something out of your diet completely, it'll be much harder and you'll probably end up caving in and giving up. The best way is to find a lower fat alternative so you can still enjoy what you fancy.

As for cheese, it's my biggest vice too. I used to eat cheese with almost everything, so cutting it down has been difficult. I eat a lot of cottage cheese, but that doesn't really satisfy my cheese temptation, because it doesn't really taste like cheese lol. When I gave the Slimming World system a try (just doing it myself without going to any meetings), I used to eat extra light laughing cow cheese triangles, as they were classed as a healthy extra. I'm not sure about their fat content because I haven't had them for a while, but if they're less than 5g per 100g, you could eat those either on their own as a snack, or on toast or in sandwiches or something? Just make sure you get the extra light one. Also, I found a light soft cheese spread with herbs and onion in Morrisons (their own brand one) that was less than the 5g per 100g, so I assume extra light philadelphia (if they do an extra light version, I'm not too sure) will probably be less than 5g per 100g too.

My best advice is to spend some time in the dairy aisle in the supermarket and check the labels on all the different types of cheese to see if there is any type that is ok to eat. Let me know if you find any! Haha :) x
I eat ww meals all the time and have never had a problem with them x
Thanks emma I will try the laughing cow ones I rememebr having thema nd quite liked them I am eating the extra light philadelphia ones buthonestly there is no taste at all. I would just love to be able to have a bite of hard mature cheddar once in a while but I dont see how I can unless I dont take the tablet one meal perhaps. maybe I will start a thread up about cheese and see what everyone has to offer x
Starting a new thread about cheese is a good idea, but most people think of it as a no-go area and just avoid cheese full stop. I'll keep my eye open for any lower fat versions though! :) x
I've been freezing Weight Watchers dessert yoghurts - really scrummy after tea and take a while to eat which always helps me feel fuller!


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