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Some of my artwork to share :)

OMG - you are one talented lady!!!
i love them - esp the black figures and the 'pots' (sorry don't know what to call them)

and the others, well i am in awe of anyone who can draw/paint - you are fab!

daisy x


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All very lovely BL!! Very diverse too! It's great having an outlet especially when you need a diversion from the f**d stuff!!!

Thanks for sharing.
Lovely BL

So pleased you have time to think about your art again. Also shows your stress levels are comnig back down doesn't it. I love the variety of your work.Isn't it a shame we have to go out and make a living?
A woman of many talents! These are lovely BL. Love the 'pear'. Where would you hang it? Have you ever sold any of your pieces? I reckon you'd be a real success!!


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BL - they are stunning. Thank you for sharing them with us. :D
Amazing BL! Love the colours, they are so vivid in each picture. So impressed at your patience too. I'm sure you are rightly very proud of each and every one!


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Wow BL - they are amazing, what a talent I love the sea scenes - the colour if fab.:0clapper:
Thanks very much everyone! I just wish I had more time to do it.....that thing called "wordk" always gets in the way!! lol

Rachel, that is a dried gourd "birdhouse". It can be hung anywhere, but its more ornamental...if hung out int he elemenets it eventually would fade, but they can be, and birds do move in. :)

Pete - the lion is my cat "Monet's" inner child! :D

Amazing stuff BL. I am envious of your talent. ;-)
My favourite is the mermaid! Its lovely.
OK I WANT the lion. it is such a cool looking painting. BL do you exibit/sell your works??


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Wow - these are really beautiful. Thanks for showing them to us x
OK I WANT the lion. it is such a cool looking painting. BL do you exibit/sell your works??
Thanks everyone! :)

Hi PP. Thank you.....yes, I sell my work, but I have never exhibited it. But sadly, my lion would not be for sale. A lot of my paintings are in California in storage.

One day I hope to have a little shop.
I also am qualified to teach though I haven't for a couple of years. But thats my dream - a little shop to work in, and teach in and sell from. Not here in the UK, as rates are too high, but once we get back to calfironia, thats my aim. :)

OMG BL, how talented are you!!!

They are all wonderful and like the other posts really love the Lion one and beach scene's, but also love the white flower too. It must be wonderful be such a talented artist.


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