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Some serious (hysterical?) musing!


Getting married July 2011
S: 18st0lb C: 17st12lb G: 9st4lb BMI: 47.2 Loss: 0st2lb(0.79%)

I've had a few days filled with very serious thought.
I finally decided ( after 5 weeks of careful deliberation) not to come off LT for the month of august because

1) I can drink more water during the summer than the winter because my summer job makes it easier, so why sacrafice the oppertunity.
2) I'd be coming off it to eat and drink-not binge, but in moderation- but still, what does that say about my priorities???
3) After 8 weeks I think I have the strength to face the magnitude of the journey ahead (that sounds very grand doesn't it??), probably because I don't really care about food as much as I used to.
4) If I don't take the break I should be at my goal or very close to it when I refeed for my hoilday in mid December, and could be a size 10 at Christmas!
5) My mum n bf think I should stay on it if I can, and their support makes it so much easier.

They're pretty much in order of importance, 1 and 2 are about equal.

I'd love to know what you guys think, because you have offered be unbelievable gems of wisdom before, and you guys know what I'm going through much better than anyone else I could talk too.

I'm really scared about 5 more months on LT!!!! Really really scared. And even more terrified of refeeding and maintenance!!!

I have also been thinking recently about food addictions and how similar it is to alcholism. I figure I started eating the way I did for some reason, and I don't think I fully understand those reasons, and that's something I have to address but more importantly what can I do about the reasons I kept eating the way I was???
How much of it is a physical thing, and how much is mental? Will breaking my food associations on LT really give me a clean slate, after 9 weeks I don't feel like it is clean, but maybe after 7 months it will be?
I think this is harder for people who were fat as a child, and have never been slim as an adult, and those who were very very very obese, I had a BMI of 47 for God's sake, how did I let it get that bad???????

Will we always be Recovering Fat People?

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Hi Guen, I think you have already made your decision, and I think if you come off you may find it harder to get back on.
I did it last year in Feb/March and I tried to restart at least 5 times and failed. I'm only back now because I found the reason for my overeating and dealt with it, drastic it was, I resigned after 15years and raised a grievance against my MD, but I feel so much better.

Good luck what ever you decide but it sounds like you have great support and that you really want to do it for yourself, which is very important!!!!!!!!


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Will we always be Recovering Fat People?
I fear that the answer to that question is an emphatic yes. LT is the beginning of a lifetimes journey. We obviously have a propensity to gain weight and we will have to watch our weight vigilantly throughout our lives. Having said that if we do encounter difficult times and end up binge eating again then at least one has the safety net of knowing that we have a diet that really works!


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Will we always be Recovering Fat People?
This is a hard one to accept, but I believe the answer to this is yes.


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Guen you are sounding so strong and positive. You have come a long way so far - goodness your BMI is now below 40 after starting at 47, that in itself is a great achievement!

I don't want to undo the good losses I've had so far by falling off the wagon and getting back into my appalling eating habits so I'm sticking with LT till the end!

I think you've made an excellent decision. Well done hun and good luck with big losses throughout the summer.

Guen , I plan to give up the 1st week of December no matter what due to my 30th Birthday and Christmas , I hopefully will be near enough to target that i can do the rest through weight watchers but if not itll be a restart in January

Anyway hon back to my point, Im with ya till then im not going anywhere fancy holding my hand and doing it with me ? I will keep you going if you do the same for me :)


Getting married July 2011
S: 18st0lb C: 17st12lb G: 9st4lb BMI: 47.2 Loss: 0st2lb(0.79%)
Hey guys,
thanks for all your replies!!!!!

SamiAnn, that must have taken great courage, good for you. I really admire you for that!!!
I have brilliant support, I'm a very lucky girl!

Scaz & Mini,
Ah well, I feel better now that I've accepted I'll always have the potential to be fat again!! I think I knew in my head that I always would be!!

Gene Genie,
Yes, we should definitely do this together!!! I'm finnishing up on the 26th of November come hell or high water!!! I was scared all my friends would be gone!!!



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Fair play to u. There is a turning point on this diet. It hit me week 6. U are there now. No turning back now. U can't and won't. Well done girl.
Hi Guen, yep i think are clearly making the right choice for you and keeping whats important to you first and foremost. so well done for that. And like you i am on Lipotrim for at least another 5 months. but what is 5/6 or even 7 months of your lifetime? i think of the 3 nearly 4 years of misery that i have already wasted. At least the following months are not wasted they should be thought of as worshiping and training ourselves to being healthy and happier people.


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your doin great keep it up