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Somebody help!

Gutted! Just completed my first week on Atkins and I've not lost a thing! :cry:please can I run my week by you all and see if you can figure where I've gone wrong?
I have been doing the Ketostix all week and I have been in ketosis since the second day so I know it's not that. I have drunk between 8 and 9 PINTS of water each day - I'm waterlogged :( Can you drink too much?
I have had a portion of leafy greens every day, maybe I've missed one day but that is all.
The first day I had a carrot and a couple of cherry tomatoes before I realised I shouldn't but that is all of the forbidden fruit. Oh and I've put a squeeze of fresh lemon on my salad a couple of times but surely it can't be that? :mad:
I've eaten cheese but not above my allowed carb intake - the same with cream. I've also had Pepperamis and cheese strings as snacks, but this also is within my carb intake. Also some SF jelly and a tsp of cream literally, and only in those little hartleys pots you can buy so not an enormous amount! I've had the occasional stick of celery with full fat cream cheese as well for an odd snack.
One trouble is I am off work at the moment with a broken wrist so I am not as active as I normally would be but I'm not lazy either - I've been going out for some walks and doing the housework - if I don't do it nobody else will LOL. :cool:
I haven't got the book yet though, so I haven't been able to read up fully - I have just bought one off Ebay as I wanted the original version that you all recommend so I am waiting for that to come.
I really don't want to give up as I have enjoyed doing the diet this week and I think I do feel better off it but usually when I have embarked on diet plans before (not Atkins) I have lost between 4 and 8lbs on my first week - it obviously slows down after that though. My hubby has lost 3lbs and has been eating much the same as me - he even had about 4 good gin and tonics on Friday which I didn't - I was so trying to be good :cry: Saying that, he is working as well, and as a joiner, it is quite active work.
Please please please can you help? I so want to stick at it but if I don't lose anything I know I'll give up and go back to the chocolate and crisps! I have even switched to decaf coffee apart from my 1st in a morning. I was addicted to coffee and so I feel genuinely gutted that I have given it up for nothing :eek: Coffee isn't even much of an issue from what I can gather from your posts?
I'll be forever in your debt if you can sort me out....:gen147: :banghead: :booboo: :needhug:
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Mines a V&T Please
Are you drinking the water as per book(i have the new atkins book) salt intake have you measured this out.


Mines a V&T Please
try posting on the what you eating today others may tell you or give you ideas(dont forget the scratching most people live on them)
Hi stephen. I haven't got the book yet, I'm waiting for it to come so I'm playing a little blind here. I was under the impression that you had to drink as much water as possible - is this wrong? And what about salt? Should I not be having any? :confused: x
hi caz the only thing i can think of is the cheese as iv read on here it does stall some people your water intake is allso rather high i have been told you shouldnt drink to much stick to the 2ltrs or there bouts apart from that i dont know ive only been on it a week also jim should be back on tomorrow so he may be able to jive some more advice dont give up hun its early days im sure things will get better sending big hugs your way :hug99:
Hi Hun,

i would say just stick to it and you are bound to see a loss. i lost 1.5 kilos in my first week (3 pounds) and since then I have stayed the same- you just have to keep at it and the weight loss will catch up. Everything will be fine hun lots of success stories prove that this diet works so lets just keep on todding on and the scales will follow
maybe with your broken wrist you are not as active as u have been,
i am on my second week and havnt lost an ounce in 5 days! but i know i havnt been as active as not doing the school runs twice a day so i invested in a wii fit board and am hoping that will shift some weight. :wave_cry:
I only drink black coffee so that's not the problem, I've dug my wii fit out as well, maybe I'll start a thread on wii fit and we can all post our daily exercise on it lol. Should give us some incentive eh? Thanks for all your support xx
thats a great idea. we can all get competitive on the wii fit board and post our scores to what games we play and try beat each other. go for it. im with you all the way. although i am new to it << excuse for losing already lol x:D
Hmm, it's very unusual not to lose a lot in the first week Caz. I can only agree with the others, post your eating on a daily basis and let us crit it love.
Thanks Jim, will do. Just had 2 boiled eggs for breakkie - 1.2 carbs :sigh:

Can you drink too much water?
There are always scare stories about drinking too much water caz, I drink about 8 pints a day plus some decaff tea and green tea. I think it's good to drink water myself, but spaced out through the day obviously.


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hey hon - you dont have that much to lose so maybe its a slower start???

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