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Somebody stop me!...


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Just had such an awful week. After working so hard to get to target and giving myself a big pat on the back to not put on over Christmas wk, this wk I have just binged. And not just a few naughties but loads. Esp chocolate and cheese.

Feel awful,bloated and fed up. Got weigh in in morning and really dreading it. I always struggle in January anyway. Hate the cold and dark. Just don't understand why I do this to myself! :(

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I always feel better about a gain at WI if I know i'm already back on track and in control.

Don't worry about what happened this week, just draw a line under it and if you do put on a few pounds, you've got to target once, so you know you can do it again!
Dont worry I dont think you are alone. I think most of us will of ate a load of christmas treats whether it was over xmas or afterwards. I give up alcohol for January but after feeling cooped up most of the weekend at home i felt really down and hubby said he fancied a drink as it was last night before we wnt back to work ... so i had a glass of wine. give up alcohol for 2 days, thats just embarrassing. lol

but draw a line under it, dont beat yourself over it as you cant change it. go to weigh in tomorrow and if you have put on but i guarantee you will not be alone. (expect at least half of people there will put on over xmas/ new year week). you might be within your 3 pounds anyway if you only got to target.

i think when you get to target your weight will go up and down a bit as you have treats / holidays etc. i think its just about going to class and tackling it with renewed focus if it has.

good luck and dont let it get you down.
Firstly huge congrats on getting to target! That is an amazing achievement. Now, just draw a line under the past week. Sometimes life gets in the way! Don't beat yourself up but think about how you are feeling now and how much better you feel when you are on plan and all the fabulous food you can eat!

Good luck at class, don't dread it. Even if there is a gain it will be off in no time!



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Thank you, hoping tomorrow WI will be the wake up call I need. Going to stay to class too if I can (will have little boy with me) as need to refocus.

Thanks guys x x:)
congrats on getting to target! well done! don't worry about binging, we all do it and we don't always need excuses like 'christmas' either!!!

Have you been to wi yet? let us know how you get on.

Lesley x


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Well... I STS!!! I don't know how. I am guessing that particularly the last couple of days have not caught up with me yet. So am being good 100% on plan this wk to make up for it. :)

well that wasn't as bad as you thought then was it! like you say stick 100% to it this week and it hopefully shouldn't catch up but if you don't it could end up in a gain next week.

Well done!

Lesley x

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