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SOMEBODY take 2lb off me .......

well if its for her you had better take a bit more !! x
kazz ....you don't have to keep it you could pass it on to that ketotic fairy!!


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well i would love to take some more from you for mrs Beckham... but im afraid she is having my surplus as well..lol


bearing that in mind though... she could do with another 50lbs on top of that.. so anyone want to donate their unwanted lbs to charity.... give here.... oh and please give generously!!! hehe
but how are we going to get it over to spain .....baggage allowance very expensive !!
lol, Mrs Beckham is welcome to my 'excess baggage' as well hee hee, but the bit that got me on this thread was the request to make it 'even'...... I know my Tummy is baby as well as weight related, but I have this pouchy overhang thing going on.... and its droopier at one side than the other!:eek: :( :mad: :eek:

However, the less droopy side is actually a lot better than it used to be so I am hoping it evens out and all gets better soon!:D

we need pictures !!!!!!
eh? you want a pic of my droopy,saggy, stripey, wrinkley overhung belly?

Or did I miss something and you want a pic of someone else?

hee hee I actually would be brave enough to post it on here, but I'm not brave enough to ask anyone here to take the photo.

its probably not that bad really, its just the worst bit of me I really hate if you know what I mean

couldn't we just slap her !! n.richie that is

mags 1 photos of bellies ! only joking xxx
maybe I will disgust you all and take a pic in the mirror....

Lucky for you lot I don't know where my camera is at the mo!

I will gladly take your £2 ..........ohhhhhh you mean 2lb sorry I dont want it myself but there are many people out there who need to put on loads of weight to look normal.

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