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Someone commit me!!!

One of the girls who doesn't know I'm on Lipotrim called over yesterday with a bag of M&S cookies.....so I was grand until there in the kitchen when I was making my smoothie, they were just calling to me, and God only knows how I resisted them, I could almost taste them in my mouth just from looking at them!! And I spent about 10 minutes just looking at them.
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Life is not a Rehersal!
hahah - brill for you just staring at them!!!! In control or what.....I bet you felt so proud of yourself. I thought you were going to say, one jumped in your mouth..heehee....

Well done for resisting!!!
Well done for avoiding them, that must have been so hard!

In work today, a rep had brought McDonald's breakfast in for all the staff and my colleague sat and ate an egg-and-bacon mcmuffin in front of me....but it didnt bother me too much at the time but I was fantasising about it afterwards!!!

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Good for you to have resisted the temptation. Bet you felt really proud of yourself. Remember that feeling for the next time you feel tempted.
Thanks you guys :) Believe me it was tough!! Wonder what food I'll dream of tonight....cannot wait til I can start reintroducing proper food back into my diet
I love cookies - especially the M + S ones - I would have been prowling around them having a sniff!!! This diet is so hard at times. Well done for resisting them.

Wobbley Woo

Life Is A Constant Diet.
well done for resisting them :D
Oh God, well done you for resisiting them!

At work, my department is known as the chocolate department.
Every week, someone brings in chocolate, cake, sweets or cookies. And for whatever torturing reason, they always leave them on my desk!!!

Last week was our monthly birthday celebration. So I decided not to go down to the canteen and just stay at my desk. Then, they brought back this huge chunk of leftover cake and left it opposite me. It taunted me for 3 days.
Still don't know how I didn't eat it

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