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Since Christmas i have been completely hopeless on this diet, i think because i know it works so well and have had sucess before, i think 'oh well i will start tomorrow' and i keep having the peice of cake,chinese etc and now i have put on a stone!!
i need to do this, all the confidence i had gained from loosing weight before is going, i keep thinking people are looking at me and thinking im fat, my clothes dont fit, i feel rubbish!
is anyone else doing this and could support me?
please help me :( xx
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am with you twiglet, since xmas i've been saying i'll go back to being sensible but i finally plucked up the courage after i started digging out for my old clothes, am on day 5 today and am never going back. I need to lose the 1.5 stone i put on too.... it's much tougher re starting but am glad this time round I've got to day 5 being 100%, today was so tough coz i took the kids to the park and they wanted ice creams and they ate at the cafe there but i kept thinking of all the skinny gals walking around and wanted to get back there. Take heart and get the mindset to restart and think of how good you felt before. Let's keep each other motivated, you can do it!!! Goodluck. x


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You are definitely not alone in trying to get back on your diet.

I can't add more to what zpacey has said but try and remember how good you felt before and it is a mindset and I think once you have that things start moving forward.

Take heart and get the mindset to restart and think of how good you felt before. Let's keep each other motivated, you can do it!!! Goodluck. x
Good luck to both of you!

Mrs Z

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i think because i know it works so well and have had sucess before, i think 'oh well i will start tomorrow' and i keep having the peice of cake,chinese etc

I know that feeling all toooooooo well!

Good luck, I'm sure you will be back on it and fine in no time.

I think we have all been there but once you are back on it (CD)then the focus comes back and you quickly begin to lose the weight and see all the good it brings. I'd like to lose 20 pounds, be back on track & focus on healthy eating rather than bouning between deprivation and excess. Getting the balance right is what I will do this time. I don't see my CDC until the 22nd April but am on track, so heres hoping for a good result then. Good luck all x;)
oh twiglet you sound how i feel! i did the CD last year with great success but managed to put a full stone afterwards. after a year of battling every sort of diet under the sun i eventually said in march of this year i wud go back and do the cambridge again....because if it worked before it will work again! i got completley focused and motivated to the point of hanging pics of celebs in bikinis in my room!! and phrases such as "food is just food used to satisfy hunger it CANNOT do anything esle" "nothing tastes as good as slim feels"
i read paul McKennas book and i was totally motivated to go.
i just have a lousey 14lbs just ONE stone left to shift and its just event after event after event i was half way to goal weight and got down to 8 st 8 in mid march the day before going on hols that was total SS no cheating i was losing almost a pound a day splash....came back and straight back up to 9st3.
started again on march 22nd promising myself by easter id be down to 8st7 well i got to 8st10 and easter arrived and by tuesday april 7th i was 9st3.
back in the saddle again and this morning i weighed 8/13 after 5 days on SS and more disaster.......i just completely binged with mcdonalds and cereal (??? cereal hello now what was i thinking there?)
i am so upset i just want to cry I was extremely dedicated and in the zone this time with zero cheating and even doing a 30 min walk every evening and i just blew it today FOR WHAT!! girls i just want to cry i don't know what the hell came over me i feel desperate,
i have a hectic work schedule and it just took its toll today i think i am just pee'd off at being stuck on 8/13 for 3 days and then being stuck inside on such a sunny day.
i cleared my social diary until April 23rd and i was more deteremined than ever to leave this good space to get at least 3/4 of the way to goal weight and try get to 8st3.

i feel so so low and upset and disgusted in myself right now.
i could really do with some advice xxx
Trina, big hugs. We all have blips and sometimes they last a while! I did CD last year and lost 4.5 stone. Put 2.5 back on after going on holiday, then Christmas. I started just before Easter and realise now that that probably wasn't the best thing to do because I've been nibbling most days following eating on Easter Sunday.

I have a hectic work like too - I have my own business and it often involves client lunches. You can work around this though - I try to have client 'coffees' instead! It is all about getting the right mindset, as you already know because you were in the zone.

You didn't blow it today completely. Of course if you do that every day then you have, but it's one day. Please put it into perspective. In terms of weekly calories you will still be way under your RDA for a woman, so you won't have put any fat on.

Remember all the things that you did to get in the zone and do them again. I find hanging a favourite dress up in the front room and my bedroom works well - a goal to work towards. Listen to Paul McKenna again and maybe carry around a placard that says something like 'I can have McDonalds in 3 weeks' because in reality, you can lose a stone in 2-3 weeks on CD and then if you feel like a treat, have one. Maybe set a date for having that McDonalds in 2-3 weeks. You might not want it then, but until then you know you're not depriving yourself, you're just delaying! xxx
Thankyou for your replies, i feel so much better and more positive now :)

Trina dont worry, i have blips and it sucks, i feel sometimes i have no will power! we will do it this time!!! think of the summer!!!

im on day 3, 2 pound gone. yay :)

how is everyone else getting on? x


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Since Christmas i have been completely hopeless on this diet, i think because i know it works so well and have had sucess before, i think 'oh well i will start tomorrow' and i keep having the peice of cake,chinese etc and now i have put on a stone!!
know exactly how you feel I'm much the same and have been yo-yoing for weeks I have lost count of the number of "restarts I've had".
Well done Twiglet - that's a fantastic loss so far!
oh watergirl/Twiglet thanks so much thats really really helped me just to get some friendly back up. thats a great idea to "delay" instead of "deny".
i suppose we're just too hard on ourselves and that why we get so down and out over these blips.
i always weigh myself everyday for motivation and was dreading doing it after sunday but thank god only went up 2lbs and now im back down to 8.12 this morning PHEW!! i have been drinking loads of water and wen i feel the urge to chew just take a nibble of the cranberry CD bar from the fridge or a can of coke zero (my saviour on rocky moments)

girls i cant thank you enough i really appreciate those kind comments.

we all need to stick together and just think of the summer and slowly getting lighter and lighter!!

love ya all xxxxxxxxxxx
Hello lovely ladies.
i have been a bit naughty, not terrible, but naughty all the same.
monday is my proper, big, 100%, not giving up this time restart.


We can really support each other, we can moan and grumble and be positive and up beat too!! :)

i always think this works best when you do it with support.

i'm 10.12, i WILL be 8.7. when i first started i was 13.5.

:) yay for monday :) xx
with you twiglet!
i too have not been 100% strict to the diet i had another blip again thurs, but thankfully i was the same weight again by friday phew, it was one of those I NEED TO BINGE AND EAT ALL GREASY AND FAT FOOD INSIGHT! it was just this sense of panic i got gripped with (i really need to sort my head out on this one and just take a deep breath and think i'd rather be slim than eat that junk thank you very much)
luckily i was in a poorly stocked petrol station so "all" they had left was a cheese turnover pastry thingy and chicken and mushroom bake (now bearing in mind girls mushies are not my favourite food!!) dessert was some custard pastry thing (again not on my fav list but just becoz it was there!)
i did pull it together that evening and just went to bed and drank plenty of water.

this weekend has been tough and its only sunday morning!! went to bed early last night and didnt give into any cravings woke up this morning and im 8st9lbs6oz my aim is 8.7 by thursday i hope.
I am due at a friends party this weekend i really do not want to go as it is weekend of food and to be honest im not willing to go and lose nearly 2 weeks of tough dieting to throw it all away over a weekend so think i might go to the excuse book!!

i have written up a little diary with my expected weight loss,food tracker etc and when i started 2 weeks ago i though 14lbs in 14 days not a problem! so far its been 6lbs in 11 days - now i'm just going to take the approach of its going to take time as i think everytime we get back in the saddle the weight loss slows (maybe its because we get a little more complacent and know what we can and can't get away with?)
i am hoping now my diary stays clear until may 1st so i can ss until then and get another 6 off and then slowly maintain.

here's to a good week girls

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