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Someone hit me...very hard!


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Please! I have, for no aparant reason been COMPLETELY off track. I won't go into the amount of rubbish that I have consumed over this past week...but what I will disclose is that I am very upset with myself after a reality check (aka: the scales) :(:(:( I am going to my in-laws this weekend and shall be going armed with my shakes on full intentions of getting back into the swing of things ASAP. I will do it knowing that people 'know' about cd and shall not be expecting me to eat ect. Then by the time Monday comes I shall begin my routine cd daily regime that I should be able to tackle easily considering that I have been doing this 'regime' since April!!! Just need a kick up the bottom - preferably a pointed shoe with spikes!!! LMAO
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Come here love... i'll do it...

then you can return the favour and do it to me too....

i don't know what comes over us when we act like this... i just think it's the time of year, too much stuff around the place (ie. the office) and too many events/parties/lunches going on.

Try your best on the weekend - that's all we can ask for!



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Emma, I know EXACTLY how you're feeling- I've been all over the place, totally off plan with only a breakfast shake that I'm sticking too! I think, as my CDC put it, it's 'Pavlov's Dog' syndrome; Christmas bells=munching time and no matter where you go, you're surrounded! Parties, work, home it's all full of food! ARGH, I know I've put on and I'm fed up, but I just can't stop myself- so if you're needing a kick up the arse, I'm in the queue too! xx


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well when I was back in Uk this weekend I pigged out on xmas cake on afternoon - I was sensible the rest of the time but oh how I regret all that xmas cake!
Don't worry Emma - get back on track!


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I'm the same, there seems to be food everywhere. Someone offered me a pringle at work the other day, and I took it.... what's that about... my whole department were in shock!!!!! It was the scandal of the day.

I not going totally off plan, but having small meals each day. My excuse is I am building up to Christmas and I don't want it to be such a shock when I eat on Christmas day, but I am aware that is just an excuse... and am also aware I am on a downward spiral, a pringle one day, a small tub the next and then comes the big baby!
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God bless you Emma for starting this thread,I am struggling with xmas and very emotional at moment -I know they are excuses,but its the old drink I'm reaching out for. I have a damage limitation plan agreed with my cdc until xmas,then xmas itself is a practical shake free time until the new year.
My plan since last week has been booze and a protein tea on Friday night,then by Sat I honestly have had my fill (I don't know how I drank every night pre-cd!) and am more than happy to get back on the horse until next fri,and when I am missing Mr T in the week instead of breaking my cd plan I know I have friday night to look forward to,obviously I'm not proud of myself or going to have a big loss,but it is a little control and damage limitation.
Thanks everyone who has posted on this thread for making me feel less of a weak willed piglet. xx


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Hi Ladies,

I am afraid that I am right there with you. I even skipped weigh in today because I just did not to see the damage I had done to my progress. I am hoping to refocus and make a real effort this week. It's a comfort to know I am not alone in my shortcomings, but if anyone wants to get a little work out... I could use one of those swift kicks in bum. You can't miss -- it is a huge target.

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Hmm bad couple of days here. Started well yesterday morning with a 5k run, but the seaside brought fish and chips. Then pizza after the concert. Then a fried breakfast this morning, pork pie for lunch and I've just scoffed a big bag of maltesers for no real reason! WTF? I'll have to run to Newcastle to get rid of that lot...


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Hi Lunar Jim,

Carry some coals with you to Newcastle -- and if you raise and lower as you run -- you'll get an upper body workout, too!

Wow... my acid reflux flared up just reading what you have consumed. It is a good thing you're a runner.

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i restarted on monday was on track 100% until tuesday evening then my little girl went in2 hospital, tried reali hard by wednesday evening was in the canteen eating and not been back on the diet since, have weigh in 2morrow and knw iv put weight on, going to start again and will do it 100% i know i can if i try.


please try again
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sorry to hear your daughters ill, undestandable that you ate

my daughter was in hospital her first year and i gained 6 stone!

ive ss'd on sone of her short visits but has been really difficult with the lack of water and facilitys most times ive only managed 1 shake a day and been unwell myself by the time shes released

i hope your daughters better soon


please try again
S: 23st6lb C: 17st7lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 44.8 Loss: 5st13lb(25.3%)
this time of year is no fun trying to avoid tempation, everyone telling you just one wont huet and even shopping when try and give you freebees, ive have to talk myself on to staying on the straight and narrow several times a day


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Its sooo hard this time of year!! trying to navigate xmas 'do's' and people saying 'ahh go on its xmas,1 wont hurt!'!!! aarrgghh!!!
im trying hard to stay focussed and the dress i want to wear xmas day is just a little bit tight at the moment... thats whats keeping me going! I bought it from ebay, and its hanging on the back of my bedroom door.. so its always in my way and i cant avoid it! just a few pounds and it will be fine! (fingers x!)


Why Be Normal?
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Hi Dreamgirl,

My thoughts and good wishes are with you and your little girl. It is awful when your child is ill, and it must that much harder to have it happen at this time of year. Just do the best you can to get through each day: you can get back on track when things are normalised.

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thnxs for the wishes, i started again this morning so far so good, goin for my weigh in this evening will see hw much damage iv done. id lost 2lbs by tuesday last week heres hoping i cn manage it again this week.

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