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someone noticed.


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nice one!
keep it up
daisy x
Thanks great fair play

keep up the good work


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definately a motivator. especially after a bad weekend!
Nice work.

Dreading people noticing me cus then I'll have to admit what I'm doing
I worried abut that too. I told no one really when I started. I just told my inlaws, cause we go their for dinner sometimes, and I told my manager if I got wafty at work, and one collegue so I would have support during business hours. lol

Aside from that I told no one - I did not want people watching, commenting, judging, etc. Plus I always went out of my way to avoid at all costs any conversation that might make someone look me up and down and think "oh dear, she is a big girl, isn't she!" lol

I had 10 stone to lose, and no one commented until I had lost 5 stone!!! :eek: ANd that was only because I had gone on a omnths holiday in America, where I lost 20 pounds.

When i returned to work, people were shocked....and finally noticed and were all curious about what I had done.

I expected an onslaught of negative comments and judgment, but much to my surprise I got piles of priase and genuine interest and from then on, complete support from all at work. Was great.

So don;t worry - when the time comes and you have to tell people you may be surprised. You may get negative comments - alot of people have - Iw as lucky and didn;t. If you do, just basically smile, and tell the,m sod off - none of their business!

I still think I will wait til a couple of stone goes.

Really not a bragger and I hate being centre of attention even a verbal pat on the back makes me squerm.

BUt then again that is fat me. I have to change all aspects of my life and attitude
nice when someone notices, and they don't know your on a diet.
Good luck with the rest of your journey. Remember this is for you and you alone, so you let them know when your ready, if you do tell them
enjoy x
At work I've told the group of people im working directly with as we always have lunch together and ive told two others outside of this group. With family and friends most of them know. and both at work and home am getting oodles of support. i saw my sister after about 4 weeks yesterday and she was thrilled with the way i looked. The only person that i hav'nt told is my hubby but thats a long story for another day so wen i do eventually see him he should be in shock or may just walk right passed me(hopefull of some such reaction fingers crossed). i feel that telling the people around me has been beneficial as have gotten and am still getting soooo much support.
OH, mum and brothers. Everyone else can just see the results. If anyone asks without critisism I might tell. Not even four weeks yet so waiting for few more til I knowi can do this.

Still enthusiastic so guessing that's driving me still

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