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Someone put my mind at ease... :(

Hello All,

I have been healthy eating and exercising daily for a week now, only just managed to get myself a pair of scales on Friday as I've just moved house and threw my last set away. I weighed myself that day just out of curiousity and it was much worse than I thought but I got over it and did the same as what I was doing.

I cut down my calorie intake on both friday and saturday and did more exercise these days as I knew I was going out on Sat night and didnt wanna feel guilty. I didnt overdo it really, but I did maybe have more than I should. I didn't snack while I was out and on sunday I went back to healthy eating, drank lots of water and did some gentle exercise.

I was feeling really positive about my ability to factor in a night out into my healthy eating regime, but then I got on the scales this morning. I wouldnt normally weigh myself more than once a week but I wanted to start weighing myself every monday morning. Well according to the scales I've put on 2lbs since Friday :sigh: I feel so gutted as I've really worked hard this week and was careful to make sure that I didnt just overdo the eating and drinking on sat.

Does alcohol make you retain water a day later? This is the only other reason I can think of that means I'm weighing heavier, otherwise I have to accept I undid all my good work last week and thats somewhat depressing :(
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Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
That could definitely be a possibility. Our bodies do weird things and weigh more or less at different times of the day, including different days. As I usually go out Friday and/or Saturday, I weigh in Friday mornings to avoid all of that lol. Maybe it'd be worth considering? You can stick to it and see what it's like next Monday and you might have lost a lot then.

Good luck!
Thats a pretty good idea, I dont know why that didnt occur to me before! I've cut down a lot on what I drink, but chances are I'll still have a few on a sat night, dont want that to mean that I have to wake up to a horrible weigh-in on a monday morning. I'll try friday mornings for a while, all going well it should give me the motivation to be good all weekend too :)


Shoot to thrill
This happens a lot when people start exercising and drinking water. You body takes a few days to get used to the water intake. You are probably retaining more than usual.

Also your body is probably adjusting to the exercise and is thinking "woah, exercise, something is wrong, I better hold onto all this fat in case something bad is happening." It'll work itself out.

I shouldn't worry too much. I'd also say weigh in on a Friday though. :D


Silver Member
Keep up the good work - you will see results. It could be that you are building muscle. It could be that you are loosing inches instead. I know it is disheartening but keep it up.
Thanks for the encouragement ladies, thats really helped, and yeah I think I should learn to be less reliant on the scales, I just like to see evidence that my hard work is paying off. Thing is, my work skirt was a bit looser this morning and that really should have been evidence enough!

Friday weigh-in for me from now on then ;)


Shoot to thrill
Measure yourself too! I've lost a few inches since I plateaued. Weight isn't everything.

Yay on a looser work skirt!

Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
Syrinx-if you want, you could join the Friday Girls in the weigh in section. It's just a bunch of us and we post how much we've lost and the one who loses the most each week gets a balloon :) It's fun to see how others are keeping up and it's also motivating. You're very welcome to anyway obviously as is anybody else :)

Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
Wonderful :)

Oh yeah, look at that, you're just down t' road from me ;)

I'm not actually Geordie so don't get your hopes up lol. Durham's lovely, was there just a couple weeks ago. Had the most amazing toffee cheesecake at this place called Saddler's (sssh, don't tell anyone on here) and yeah, very cute indeed.
Everyone's beaten me to it, my weight fluctuates pretty randomly for a day or two after I've drunk alcohol too. I'd say it's pretty normal, especially if you've only just made other "healthy changes" too.

Sounds like you're already doing well, keep it up :) Think I've already welcomed you to the Friday Girls. I find it motivating too, I wouldn't have to share my weight with anyone if I didn't report it there, so would be much more likely to slip up!

Peachy was that cheesecake inspired by chappyh? Haha.

Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
Sugar-I didn't used to share my weight with anyone, but I tell one of my flatmates every week and she's really supportive and I tell another when it seems appropriate. I told my best friend because she went shopping with me, and my dad and mum because they both noticed it cos they don't see me everyday and they asked about it and were cool about it. Anywho, still loving Friday Girls.

Cheesecake was most definitely motivated by that cos I'd been daydreaming about it lol. Dad and brother were visiting and we went out for a nice cup of coffee + cake and it felt stupid to not have one, plus i'd been walking around all day and only had two meals. So I had like half of it and my brother wolved the other half down. HALF A SLICE OF CHEESCAKE CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? I almost couldn't. And I only stopped cos it was soo sickly. TOO SICKLY?! I don't think so lol. Anyway, it was like an experiment/treat. I don't regret it ;)
half a cheesecake? Doubt I could have been that restrained! And toffee at that! :p But hey we all need to treat ourselves once in a while, and with all the exercise, its more than acceptable. I think actually sharing my weight will be so much more useful than me writing it down and then scribbling it out again if I gain. I used to go to weight watchers years and years ago, and without the support groups and weigh-ins, I'd never have got to where I was. So I'm more than happy to share my weight with the Friday girls, in fact it sounds like an awesome way to enter the weekend! :)

Sugar, you're probably right, I need to give my body a couple of weeks to get used to the changes and stop panicking every time I retain an ounce of water. Alcohol is my biggest diet vice so if I can learn to be a bit more restrained and choose slightly better options, I think it'll make a difference :D

Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
Syrinx-I know! I was very impressed with myself. I thought I'd deserved it after two months of no dessert which has.. never happened.

Yeah, give yourself time. Alcohol does f*ck it up, and I haven't had a pint in god knows how long. I'll have some wine (I'll drink less than alcohol cos it goes straight to my head) but mainly just gin and tonic with some lemon, or spirit with diet mixer. It's miraculous for diets. Don't feel like I'm deprived and I'm saving the calories. Magical!

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